Back to School with NYC Children’s Theater!

Sep 9, 2014 | Education

Public school students across the five boroughs returned to school last week, and we at NYC Children’s Theater have been reflecting on our education programs. Led by our superb Education Department, Education Director Brooke Boertzel and Associate Education Director Sara Hunter Orr, NYC Children’s Theater is able to use theatre and music to inspire and educate children with residencies, workshops and touring shows. Of course none of this would be possible without our amazing team of talented teaching artists.

What’s amazing is that during the last school year we were able to bring our education program to over 14,000 students in the 5 boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey and today we thought we’d share some of the feedback we received from teachers, parent coordinators and our teaching artists!

2nd Grade Student: “Being a character made the story more real for me.”

Parent Coordinator Kim Bernard: “I appreciate your presenting on this topic in a peer education format, which exposed the students to several strategies that they consider utilizing when faced with bullying.”

Teacher Mr. Rodriguez: “I think what was really beneficial for my class is that you were able to teach in both languages (Spanish/English). It was really good for them to act and sing in Spanish because it is engraved in their native language, and now when we do the writing facts for the real one in English they will have the prior knowledge of ‘Ok, now I remember what I did’ and if they can’t, they can still acted out and sing it. So I think that foundation you gave them is perfect”

Teaching Artist Flor Bromley: ‘In the Literature at Play residency, the students learned by playing. In my way of teaching, there is no wrong answer, which inspires the students to take risks and just “go for it”’.

Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Cahill: “I was surprised to see some of my students taking charge and not afraid of taking chances, it has definitely helped them grow.”

4th Grade Teacher Aida Sanchez: “I believe that the NYCCT program was essential in getting our students to learn how to work together.”

Victor, Student: “Why does this have to end today? I’m so sad.”

To learn more about NYC Children’s Theater Education Programs click here

Here’s to a fun, educational new school year for all!

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