Opening Weekend of The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess

Nov 19, 2014 | Posts

This past Saturday and Sunday marked the opening weekend of The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess!

Although opening weekends are always jam packed with excitement, this one felt particularly electric. We had packed houses for each performance, Laurie, Barbara and director Marty Johnson were all in attendance, and all the kids loved it! They came out of the theater beaming, discussing their favorite characters and scenes and waited anxiously to take pictures with Harvey, Princess Mindy, Bert and Gert.

The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess is the second collaboration between our Artistic Director and Founder, Barbara Zinn Krieger and kid-music superstar, Laurie Berkner. The show tells the story of Harvey, an amazing kid who doesn’t need much to be happy – just his family and his imagination. When he accidentally gets shipped to Pink Mountain Island (in an imaginary box!), he meets a Princess whose royal family needs a lesson in fun and togetherness.

Filled with catchy new songs from children’s music star Laurie Berkner and featuring one of her all time hits (we’re not going to spoil the surprise here!), The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess will delight 3-8 year olds and their parents too!

Laurie and Barbara’s first collaboration came in 2013 when the pair created Wanda’s Monster! Based on the book by Eileen Spinelli, the show told the story of Wanda, a spunky 5 year old with a vivid imagination, is convinced there’s a monster in her closet. Granny agrees, and contrary to Wanda’s expectations, convinces Wanda that “Monster” is in her closet because he is shy and friendless, not because he’s scary. With Granny’s encouragement, Wanda befriends “Monster,” turning a potentially fearful situation into a lesson in acceptance and friendship.

We’re so excited that the show is officially open!

– Nicole

PS: The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess soundtrack is now available on iTunes!

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