New York City Children’s Theater reached out to some of the best writers we know to create stories for our website based on the prompt:

Once Upon a Time in 3017…

Read our next guest post of the season, courtesy of Angelie, age 11!

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE YEAR 3017… There was a girl, her name was Briar Rose. She had a unique name, one that many, had not heard for a bit over a thousand years. She had received her name from one of her great ancestors who left her something that has been passed down for many centuries, a locket no one could open, and no one knew why, but the locket had many stories and no one knew the truth. This locket had magical powers. Powers, Briar would obtain on her eighteenth birthday. Briar was a very beautiful girl with long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She was often called an old soul because she enjoyed reading actual books you see, no one ever read any more, everything was technology. No one drove cars, they took a new way of transportation, an underground system under each home that seated up to ten people. It was like a car, but it took you to your destination in a matter of seconds. People used the same things to travel, but it was
called Sky Port, another tube system in the sky. This was her life surrounded by technology. Nobody ever went outside to enjoy the sun anymore. Everyone was trying to invent the next best thing.

Today is October 25th 3017, Briar typed on her Air Mac 13. She was at her school, The Pereyra Academy, named after the famous female president elected in 2041. Today in class, they were learning about America and its history. Briar found it astonishing that over 4000 years ago people had NO computers or cellphones, because now days, these things were so popular. It was as necessary, as an eating utensil.

Briar tapped her friend Star and asked her “What do you think our lives would have been like if we grew up back then?” Star replied “I don’t want to know, I mean, no iPhone 46? Count me out”. The girls laughed “Well I guess, but don’t you think it would be interesting”? said Briar “Nah I prefer not to know what dabbing is. Anyways stop worrying about the past think about today, it’s your birthday!” said Star “Okay, ok now pay attention, class is almost over!” said Briar a bit annoyed, she had almost forgotten today was her 18th birthday. She hadn’t had the slightest idea on how she was going to celebrate, well, she thought I’ll find something to do. Later that day while walking home from school, something else no one ever did, a black cat crossed her path. She had heard about the theories, but never believed them, but suddenly as she held her golden locket, something she had always done when she was nervous. Something almost magical happened. She was brought back in time. Briar had thought it was a dream, but boy! was she wrong. She had landed back in 2017, in New York City. She was mesmerized by the beauty and how simple  technology was like back then. While gazing at the skyline, wishing she could stay forever, she bumped into someone. He was reading a book, a book with her locket on it! Briar hoped he could help her open the locket and get home. After apologizing, she asked about the book. The boy, whose name was Adrien, had

said it was an ancient book, one that spoke about magic within a locket called “The Heart of Gold”. Briar wanted to know about this locket soooo bad, she asked if he had finished the book. “Well I have, yes indeed and I suppose you are the chosen one I need to help”. “How did you know?” asked Briar “You have the necklace. Now in order to open the locket, you have to say ‘The Heart of Gold Powers, Brave and Bold, Save your powers until another can unfold’”. “Ok.” Briar repeated the words and home she was, and now she was able to open the locket. Inside was a note from her great great-grandfather saying “ You, Briar Rose, are a girl of your time make a change in the world and help everyone remember the good times” From Adrien. From then on, Briar knew being an old soul was never a bad thing.

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