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Once Upon a Time in 3017…

Read our next guest post of the season, courtesy of Nylah, age 10!

Fast forward 100 years!

Once upon a time in 3017 there lived a girl named Nylah.  She should have been kind of dead but…not really.  Nylah was, I mean is an awesome girl with a lot of life.  Her name come from a shorten version of a name that means adventurous, which fits her perfectly.  She loves to spend time outside…mostly because her mother makes her but it works for Nylah too.  Nylah is a little strange because she hardly ever stays in the house, even during blizzards and bad rain storms.  She and her mom and friends go and play in the snow or get wet in the rain.  It’s a lot of fun but it’s a little weird.  Anyway, this awesome kid…Nylah lives with her mom and has lots of friends.  Her best friend’s names are Amairany and Sadie.  The three girls go to the same school and they spend a lot of time together.  There is only one secret that Nylah has never told them.  It’s kind of a BIG secret.  She doesn’t think they would believe even if she told them…so why bother, she always tells herself.  Here’s the dealio, her besties think Nylah is 10 years old, just like them.  Well and she kind of is but not really!  Actually, Nylah is 110 yrs. old…but she looks and acts like a 10 year old.  You are probably wondering…huh????  That’s impossible…we will get to that later.  For now, let’s talk about me…I mean Nylah.

When she grows up…if she ever grows up, she plans to be a pediatrician/kid doctor or some kind of doctor.  Her favorite subject is science and she is very curious about life and science.  She loves making different things like clothes for her dolls, mouthwash, room sprays, perfumes, different kinds of slime, things like that.  Oooohhhhhh and she loves to cook and write fiction stories.  Her favorite book series is Land of Stories…which takes place in the future in an underground world full of fairytale characters like Little Red Riddinghood.  Hmmm…kind of weird, right??

So, life in 3017.  Getting clothes is a little different than they were in earlier times that Nylah remembers.  In 3017 typical shopping means drawing your clothes or just thinking about an outfit…and “pop” it’s on you.  Cool right!  Ok, so Nylah… speaks lots of languages English, Spanish, Latin and German to name a few.  She remembered Spanish and English from when she lived before in 2017 when she was really ten years old.  In 3017, everyone speaks lots of languages and Latin is a language that people speak everyday…like English or Spanish.

Pause, wait, hold up!  How is Nylah and her mom still alive in 3017?  Weeeeeelllll it’s a long story.  I’ll give you the short story.  Because Nylah and her mom were adventurous and Nylah loved science so much.  She was part of a program where she was given medicine to help her live longer.  Her mom took the medicine too.  So they still live together.  Nylah and her mom look like they did in 2017…but they are smarter and faster and they can remember everything.

So back to being a kid…(well sort of) in 3017 things have changed for Nylah since the life she remembered in 2017.  In 3017 Children aren’t required to do homework.  Amazing!!!  And teachers force the kids to play and have more social time with other kids.  Screen-time is all day and parents have to find other things ground kids with.  So back to Nylah.  She has a Tesla 3,000 car that flies and it has XTREM autopilot…so of course, it also turns into a boat.  Whenever Nylah is hungry she simply types on the car keyboard what she feels like eating and wha-la!  The car serves it…pizza, sushi, french fries, tamales, ice cream, empanadas, rice and beans, chicken, grilled salmon or whatever she wanted the car could serve it up!  When she goes camping the Tesla turns into a big house that has EVERYTHING.  It had 3 floors 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool and a hot tub.  It’s about the size of 2 BIG condos.  The car it also has a teleporter.  I know, its lit!!!!  I almost forgot, it also had a button that can make it rain puppies.  And I mean the really cute puppies that are trained to use the bathroom outside!

In 3017, people don’t have to have babies or adopt children.  You build a boy or a girl yourself for your family.  You just write down what features that you want, insert your credit card chip and in two months your child arrives.  You can even pick the age of the kid, so your parents don’t have to worry about diapers unless they want to.   There were also robots that did all of your chores so Nylah didn’t have to clean the bathroom or make her bed.  The robots also picked out her clothes every day before school.  The robots are great they also help with things like piano lessons and figuring out how to ask for a playdate when you are grounded.  Oh and the best part, in 3017 Nylah is an amazing swimmer.  She remembered how to swim from when she was 10 in 2017 but in 3017 the medicine made her much stronger and faster.  She could swim in lava without getting burned.  Yep.  She was that fast!

Nylah’s LOVES living in 3017 but she misses her life in 2017 when she had bigger dreams and things didn’t come so easily.  When she lived in an apartment in NYC and took the train almost every day.

Nylah and her mom were offered a chance to take another type of medicine.  This one will take them in time….

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