New York City Children’s Theater reached out to some of the best writers we know to create stories for our website based on the prompt:

Once Upon a Time in 3017…

Read our next guest post of the season, courtesy of Sophia, age 13!

There are flying cars, people who are equipped with abilities that no one could ever compete with today. Everyone and everything is more advanced than ever, skyscrapers with giant glowing screens reaching high above the clouds.

Humans many years ago most likely saw this image when asked to explain what they thought the future looked like. Yet will this ever actually be the case?

Or will we all be torn apart by war, skyscrapers crumbling to the ground rather than rising higher than ever before. Global warming boiling the seas and making the stars fall. Politics tearing families apart until there is no such thing as love anymore. People no longer having hope because they think there is no point, that the answer is simply to give up. Humans becoming more and more greedy as the need for resources becomes an issue that is unavoidable, as plants refuse to grow and any animal besides us doesn’t even exist anymore.

What they failed to realize back then is that actual change was necessary to produce such a utopian result. Instead we only became invested in doing things for ourselves, and not others. Changing the undeniable fate of the human race will not happen at all unless everybody makes an effort. The few people who seem more important than us just because they have more money should not be the only ones that decide what happens to us. It’s all of us that make a change. And I know for a fact that we can do it if we just try.

The fate of our future continues to lie in our hands. We have full responsibility for our mistakes, because everything humans do has a consequence. Let’s make the seemingly impossible image possible, preventing the next generations from living in a world of hate and terror. Which way will we go?

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