Arianne Meneses | Sadie

Arianne Meneses is originally from sunny Los Angeles.  She started dancing at the age of 14 which inspired her to train at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. After graduating in 2016, she booked her first role as Tiger Lily in Peter Pan at The Fireside Theater. As she continues to make New York her home, she’s had the privilege to train, perform at benefit shows, and work on pre-productions with choreographers such as Karla Puno Garcia, Al Blackstone, Josh Assor, Billy Griffin, and Stephanie Klemons. It is an absolute treat for her to jump into a role such as Sadie, reminding her exactly who is is at her core. Arianne would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support, she couldn’t do it without them. @arianne.meneses

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from!

I was actually born in the Philippines but my family moved out to Los Angeles when I was 5 years old.

Sadie and her fox go on dance adventures underwater, in the jungle and more! I wish I could dance (if I could hold my breathe longer than 10 seconds) underwater for sure!

If I received wings like Sadie, I would fly somewhere tropical… either Bali or Hawaii; all I think of is the water, sand, and trees I could be surrounded by. And don’t forget, the coconuts I can drink from! 

Fox’s favorite breakfast is pancakes – mine is a cup of coffee, scramble some eggs with avocados and kale, and strawberries on the side. And sometimes turkey bacon, if i’m not lazy. It’s my go-to just because of how easy it is to make, and it’s a balanced meal!

My favorite children’s book is “The Giving Tree”. It was my favorite because it taught me how love rules, and to just be there for the people you love…always.

Three things most people would be surprised to learn about me are: 

1. I’m very sensitive with energies; I can feel the energy room whether it is at its highest/lowest frequency.

2. English is not my first language. I learned Tagalog first because I was born in the Philippines, and at the age of 5, I learned English when I moved to the US.

3. I’ve never broken any parts of my body (knock on wood)

This is Sadie brings you back to exactly the moment in your childhood where you started to create, imagine, and dream about absolutely ANYTHING in your life.