Do you know a kid with the acting bug? Our actor’s from our 2017 spring productions of Love That Dog and Please Bring Balloons have some advice for them! Check out what they have to say about acting, other careers they’d like to try and their advice to young artists. Then download our free one-sheet to share with your future stars.

Derek Christopher Murphy (Jack in Love That Dog)

The best thing about acting is getting to become a totally different person with every new show and part! Also, all the different types of people you meet and the different stories you get to share. If I weren’t an actor, I would probably be an investigative journalist because I’ve always had a passion for writing and love mysteries, conspiracies, and generally getting to the bottom of things.  

The best way to get into acting is to read a lot of books! So much of acting is reading and analyzing scripts and understanding characters, and there’s no better way to do that then to read a lot of books.

Brandon Schraml (Polar Bear in Please Bring Balloons)

The best thing about acting is making an impact, however big or small, on each audience member. And bringing them along on fantastic journeys with you. If I weren’t an actor, I would be a director or singer. I couldn’t imagine not being involved in the world of performing arts.

Acting is a very difficult career. You will face rejection, a LOT of it. You have to persevere, brush off missed or “failed” opportunities, and be very open and vulnerable to your fellow actors and audiences. Dreams do come true, and nothing beats being part of a successful story.

Claire Simba (Emma in Please Bring Balloons)

The best thing about acting is you have the immense challenge to learn and teach compassion. You get to tell amazing tales, live amazing lives, feel and share with new people every day. If I couldn’t touch people’s hearts and minds with acting, I would try to touch their way of living by working in Finance.

If you want to be an actor too, take classes, be compassionate and read a lot!

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