Happy First Day of School!

To celebrate the first day of a new school year, we asked members of our Education team what advice they have for students this year!

Be yourself! By telling your classmates about your interests and hobbies, you can find a new pal who likes to do the same things!

– Sara Morgulis, Director of Education
Caitlyn | Education Apprentice
Ingrid | Teaching Artist
Julia | Teaching Artist
Maddie | Teaching Artist
Cheyenne | Teaching Artist
Cheyenne Mesura, NYCCT Education Apprentice

Don’t be afraid to try new things or not be good at something. School is where you go to learn. Try your best, but don’t worry about getting everything right all the time. Enjoy learning new things!

Claire | Education Apprentice

As you are all heading back to school remember that the letter at the top of your tests and assignments does not define you as an incredible and worthy person. Every student is different and as long as you keep your hearts and brains open you will be filled with knowledge! Your best is different than someone else’s best, but your best is good enough!

Khalia | Teaching Artist
Khalia Davis, NYCCT Teaching Artist

Just Try. Each new year is a new opportunity to try new things and grow your talents. You may have tried band and basketball last year. Why not try dance and robotics team this year? School is a safe and supportive environment that gives you a chance to find out what brings you joy!

Lily | Education Apprentice

Use the new school year as a new start. If there’s a hobby you want to try out, a person you want to be better friends with, or a skill you want to master set some goals for the year and step out of your comfort zone! Reflect on last year, think of what your favorite parts of the year were and if there’s anything you’d like to change. These steps will make the year much more fun.

Max | Teaching Artist

The hardest part of most tasks in school is getting started.  Never be afraid to ask a “dumb” question.  There is no such thing!  If there is something you don’t understand, raise your hand.  I guarantee someone sitting next to you didn’t understand either, and you will be the brave one.  Your teacher is trying to explain things so you will get it, and sometimes it doesn’t come out clear enough.   If you understand the question you will be excited about your work.  If you keep quiet, you will struggle to see what everyone else is doing.  Feel confident in your first few steps and you will succeed and enjoy doing it.  Have a great first week at school!

Psacoya | Teaching Artist
Psacoya Guinn

There are a lot of new things that comes with the start of another school year. A new grade with new teachers. Maybe a new school and new friends. All of these new things can be really scary, but I encourage you to enjoy the newness of this journey. Embrace the unknown and have fun!

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