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The Census is a count of every person in the United States, and takes place every 10 years. The Census determines federal funding for education, healthcare, public housing, parks, and culture, as well as our number of representatives in Congress. It’s essential that every New Yorker is counted, and our voices are heard. 

  • The count of each New Yorker represents $3,000 in federal funding each year, and our fair share of over $650 billion is at stake.
  • If we are undercounted, our community could lose seats in Congress, which means less of our voice in Washington on decisions that affect our future.
  • In the 2010 Census, the response rate in NYC was only 62%, while the national average was 76%. We lost vital federal funding—we can’t let that happen again.
  • The Census is safe and secure—it will not ask for the following information: social security number, political beliefs, immigration status, or financial information. All information you share is kept confidential and protected by law.

Have questions about the census? Visit PRB for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the census.

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