Thank you to Waverly, Gavin and everyone at Kids’ News NYC for attending a performance of Ballerina Swan and the Nutcracker! Read what they had to say about the show below:

The show is funny and fun to watch but makes you think about  serious things like jealousy and how to deal with things when they don’t go the way you planned them, and also reminds you not to be afraid to be yourself.

I really liked the music in the show and I liked the funny parts of the show.

There were a lot of parts I liked but the costumes were amazing, especially at the end!  I also loved the last part when all the dancers got to do their own little special dance – wow, they really are talented!

— Waverly and Gavin, Kids’ News NYC on Ballerina Swan and the Nutcracker

Ballerina Swan and the Nutcracker

Break out the tutus and toe-shoes for Sophie the Swan’s latest adventure. A companion piece to the hit BALLERINA SWAN, this world premiere blends ballet and puppetry as Sophie prepares for her first holiday performance of “The Nutcracker.” Based on the book BALLERINA SWAN by Allegra Kent and illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully.


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