When Sadie wakes up early on a Saturday morning, her parents ask her to play quietly so they have a little more time to sleep. In her bedroom with only a box, Sadie creates a sailboat and begins a grand adventure – without ever leaving her room!

There are so many items you can make out of a box! Below are five of our favorites:


Go on a high seas adventure with a cardboard box boat! You can navigate through rough waters, go fishing or go on a pirate adventure, just like Sadie.


Put on your seatbelt and get ready to take your brand new car for a spin! There are so many fun things to do on the open road: sing your favorite song loudly, feel the wind in your hair, grab a snack at a drive thru restaurant and more!


3…2…1…Blast Off! Head into space and travel amongst the stars and planets in your own personal rocket ship! Maybe you’ll even run into a certain Interstellar heroine and her robot mouse friend during your travels…


You can be a rock star! Create your own guitar, decorate it and give it a cool name! Then, take the stage for your thousands of fans and give them a concert they’ll never forget!


Take to the skies in your very own plane! What can you see down below? What’s flying next to you? And most exciting: where are you headed? You can go anywhere you want to go!

See the exciting adventures Sadie and her favorite stuffed animal Fox go on when This is Sadie opens this March at Theatre Row!