What is Meet the Parent?

Last season, New York City Children’s Theater launched a new program for our adult audience members: Meet the Parent! Learn more about Meet the Parent, and see highlights from last season’s event today!

From Left: Miranda, Sarah, Emma and Emmy

Meet NYCCT’s 2019-20 Season Apprentices!

We are so excited to introduce you to NYCCT’s four incredible apprentices for our 2019-20 Season! 

FIVE - NYCCT's New Multi-Media Touring Show

Celebrity Sighting: Piper the Puppet by Aliza Greenberg

Today educator Aliza Greenberg, tells us how Piper, the star of NYCCT’s multi-sensory musical, became an overnight celebrity in her classroom.

Acting in NYCCT’s Middle School Playwriting Competition by Keeme and Sienna

What’s it like acting in New York City Children’s Theater’s Middle School Playwriting Competition? We asked Keeme and Sienna, two young actors who participated in last year’s event, to tell us!

A Day in the Life of an Education Apprentice by Lily Lipman

We asked Lily, one of our incredible 2018-19 Season Education Apprentices, to tell us about a day in the life of an Education Apprentice.

Back to School Advice from Teaching Artist Meghan G.

Back to School Advice from Teaching Artist Meghan G.

Is your little one ready to head back to school? Make sure to share this advice from one of NYCCT’s Teaching Artists: Meghan G.!

What I Do In ARC by Katherine M.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Katherine gives us more insight into what she does in ARC.

Acting in the Middle School Playwriting Competition by Claire F.

This year, Claire took part in our Middle School Playwriting Competition. Here, she reflects on her time working on the competition! 

Summer Reading Club | Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau

We’re ending our Summer Reading Club book picks with Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau; a charming story about a woman who loses her hat on her birthday!

Escape Through Literature by Mackenzie M.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Mackenzie discusses how the books chosen for the ARC programs connect to the students lives.