DIY Craft | Make a Paper Plate Jellyfish with Us!

Let’s go under the sea and bounce around with our very own jellyfish! Make a paper plate jellyfish with us and then read some fun facts about the jellyfish!

Storytime with Buddy | Something Extraordinary

This season, audiences fell in love with the Girl and Buddy from NYCCT’s hit show Taste the Clouds, and today the Girl and Buddy are going to read you the book Something Extraordinary! Then go on a scavenger hunt!

Play a Back to School Game with Caitlyn!

Join Caitlyn for a little bit of this week’s Creative Clubhouse Story, Hello Goodbye Dog, then pretend to be Moose by hiding from Zara’s teacher!

Summer Supper

Today’s book recommendation, Summer Supper, tells the story of kids who help their grownup prepare a summer meal. Have you helped a grownup make a meal before? Read the book and then write a story!

Exploring Emotions with Bekah | How Do You Dance?

Bekah is back to explore the book How Do You Dance? Join Bekah to explore different ways to dance! Warm up, read a book all about dancing and then try out some moves!

DIY Craft | Make Cupcake Liner Crabs with Us!

Our next sea animal craft is Cupcake Liner Crabs! Join us to make a fun craft and then learn 3 fun facts about crabs!

Mermaid Storytime | This is Sadie

A mermaid in Sadie’s room wants to read YOU a story! This is Sadie is a magical book about a little girl with a big imagination! Then play a game with Caitlyn and make mermaid crafts!

Caitlyn, in a black shirt, smiles while holding up the book Maybe Something Beautiful

Paint a Mural for Your Community with Caitlyn!

Maybe Something Beautiful tells the story of a little girl who transforms her gray neighborhood into a colorful community!
Join Caitlyn for a little bit of the book, learn about what a mural is, and instructions on how to make your own mural!

Dragons Love Tacos

Today’s book recommendation, Dragons Love Tacos is a whimsical story that little ones and grownups will love. Do you think other animals have favorite foods too? Read the book and then write a story!

Songwriting with Brian: Let’s Write a Song Together!

NYCCT Teaching Artist Brian is going to write a song based on the book Grumpy Monkey – and he needs your help! Watch episode 2 of Songwriting with Brian: Let’s Write a Song Together!