Boogie Woogie (Mother’s Day) Books

Celebrate Mother’s Day early when you and your loved ones play, sing and boogie woogie to some of our favorite books about moms!

A Smashing Success!

On April 23rd, New York City Children’s Theater hosted our 2019 Gala Celebration – and the evening was a smashing success!

Young Playwrights for Change 2017

And the 2019 Middle School Playwriting Competition Winners Are…

Meet the six winner’s of our 2019 Middle School Playwriting Competition!

NYCCT's Middle School Playwriting Competition

Middle School Playwriting Competition | Where Are They Now

We reached out to three of our young playwrights from our past Middle School Playwriting Competitions to see what they’re up to today!

We Asked the Cast! | Where Would You Fly

We asked the cast of This is Sadie to tell us where they would fly if they had wings, just like Sadie does in our show! See where they chose…

We Asked the Cast! | Advice for Kids Who Feel Left Out

We asked the cast of This is Sadie to give us their best advice for kids who may feel left out, just like Fox does in our show! See what they had to say…

“A Beguiling New Dance Production” – The NY Times

“This beguiling new dance production from NYCCT…unfolds to an upbeat instrumental score and includes…assorted characters.”   – The NY Times

We Asked the Cast! | Who Was Your Childhood Best Friend?

We asked some of the cast of This is Sadie to tell us about their childhood best friends! Read more

This is Sadie “Unlocks Kids’ Imaginations” – Brown Girl Gumbo

This is Sadie “Unlocks Kids’ Imaginations…It’s the perfect show to introduce your little ones to live theater.” – Brown Girl Gumbo

Meet the Cast of This is Sadie!

Which member of the This is Sadie cast loves puzzles and riddles? Who wants to dance on a fluffy, bouncy cloud? And who wants to visit Bali? Find out all this and more when you meet our cast!