DIY Craft | Make a Paper Shark with Us!

In celebration of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, our next sea animal craft is a shark! Make a shark with us and then read some fun facts about sharks!

Storytime with Buddy | Planting a Rainbow

This season, audiences fell in love with the Girl and Buddy from NYCCT’s hit show Taste the Clouds, and today the Girl and Buddy are going to read you the book Planting a Rainbow! Then make a craft and go on a scavenger hunt!

Learn About the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival & Play a Guessing Game with Caitlyn!

A Big Mooncake for Little Star was inspired by The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival which is a holiday celebrated in China and Vietnam. Join Caitlyn to learn more about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and then play a guessing game!

Kaia and the Bees

Today’s book recommendation, Kaia and the Bees, tells the story of a young girl who is very brave…except for when it comes to bees! But as Kaia learns more about bees, she begins to become more brave! Read the book and then write a story!

Exploring Emotions with Bekah | Captain Starfish

Bekah is back to explore the book Captain Starfish with you! Join Bekah and discover what nervous and brave feel like, read the book, and play fun theater games!

DIY Craft | Make a Paper Plate Turtle with Us!

This month we’re creating sea animal crafts every Wednesday! Join us today to make an adorable paper plate turtle!

Explore Dinosaurs with Us!

Staying inside can be fun when you play, sing, dance, craft, and read! Join us as we explore dinosaurs through children’s books, songs, and fun activity ideas for you and your little ones!

Go Diving with Caitlyn!

Jabari Jumps is about a little boy named Jabari who is very excited…and maybe even a bit nervous…to jump off the big diving board at the pool! Join Caitlyn for a little bit of the book and pretend to jump off the diving board yourself!

Creative Clubhouse Stories | The Books

To celebrate our upcoming summer class, we’re looking back at the books we read and some of the activities we did this May and June in NYCCT’s Creative Clubhouse.

Saffron Ice Cream

Today’s book recommendation, Saffron Ice Cream, a young girl from Iran is excited for her first visit to the beach in her new home: Brooklyn! See how her days at the beach are the same and different, and then write a story about your beach day (and favorite ice cream!)