Back to School Advice from NYCCT’s Education Team!

Celebrate the start of a new school year with Back to School Advice from members of New York City Children’s Theater’s incredible Education Team!

Behind the Scenes of Boogie Woogie Books with Alisha

Education Apprentice and Boogie Woogie Books co-teacher Alisha tells us what went on behind the scenes at our new Saturday morning classes for children and their grown-ups this year!

The Little Red Fish Talkback

Why does Jeje dab? How did the little red fish light up? Find out the answers to these questions and more today…

Kiah’s Reflection: Sensory Friendly Performances

This year, New York City Children’s Theater provided Sensory Friendly Performances of our shows! Today, Education Apprentice Kiah reflects on her time working on the performances…

Behind the Scenes of Schooltime Performances

We took our friends on Instagram inside the school shows of Interstellar Cinderella and The Little Red Fish. Check out the videos to experience the magic!

Acting in the Middle School Playwriting Competition

Six incredible young actors lent us their talents for our Middle School Playwriting Reading. Today Jimi tells us what it was like to be part of the reading.

Behind the Scenes of Interstellar Cinderella

Find out what happened when the cast of Interstellar Cinderella took over our Instagram Story and gave you a behind the scenes look at the show!

2018 Summer Reading List

New York City Children’s Theater is excited to share our annual summer reading list, with book recommendations for you from our casts!

Meghan’s ARC Experience

Meghan, one of New York City Children’s Theater’s amazing teaching artists, takes us behind the scenes of NYCCT’s ARC training. 

Sara’s ARC Experience

Sara, New York City Children’s Theater’s Education Director, highlights three pillars for supporting our teaching artists in the ARC classrooms.