Imaginative Play | Creative Drama in the ARC Program

NYCCT Teaching Artist, Meghan Grover, takes us inside the classroom to show us how she uses imaginative play to bring books to life for her students!

Meet the Creative Team of This is Sadie!

Meet the creative team of New York City Children’s Theater’s This is Sadie!

A Look Back at Our Favorite Puppets

Did you know today is World Puppetry Day? Today we’re celebrating NYCCT puppets and the incredible artists who brought them to life!

Our Favorite Crafts!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s crafting! Below are some of our favorite crafts that we’ve made with our young audience members in the lobby before our shows started!

Seven Fun Facts About Shooting Stars!

Did you know that shooting stars are extremely fast and can reach speeds of over 120,000 miles per hour? Learn more fun facts about shooting stars today!

Young Playwrights for Change: Madison's Journey

#TBT | Revisiting Our First Middle School Playwriting Competition

What was it like launching our Middle School Playwriting Competition five years ago? Find out from former Artistic Apprentice, Danielle Pampinella!

What Can You Make with a Cardboard Box?

Sadie and Fox love going on adventures using their imaginations and a box, and now you can too! Here are five of our favorite DIY Cardboard Box Crafts!

My Stuffed Animal Tea Party

Have you ever seen a Stuffed Animal Tea Party? Communications and Marketing Manager Nicole has thanks to her great aunt! Learn more…

5 Tips for When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Ever have trouble falling asleep at night? Us too! Read our Top 5 Tips on How to Fall Asleep.

NYCCT's Middle School Playwriting Competition

Bernard’s Middle School Playwriting Experience

Last year, we asked young playwrights in NY, NJ and CT to write 10 minute plays based on the theme: How do we use technology to connect with others? Today, Bernard, writer of the winning play, tells us about his Middle School Playwriting Competition Experience!