“Animated, joyful, and engaging for children”

“The cast was brilliant. Animated and joyful, and engaging for children! the perfect intro to ballet or theater!” – Lil Kid Big City

Kids’ News NYC reviews Ballerina Swan and the Nutcracker!

“The show is funny and fun to watch but makes you think about serious things and also reminds you not to be afraid to be yourself.” – Kids’ News NYC

Spencer Glass and Dan Rosales in Wringer

NYTimes: Wringer is “Fun from Beginning to End.”

“Wringer, the musical adaptation by New York City Children’s Theater, is fun from beginning to end.” – The New York Times

Wringer: a new musical coming this April

Wringer: Best Children’s Theater in NYC this Spring!

A huge thank you to Mommy Poppins, who just included Wringer on their “Best Children’s Theater in NYC this Spring”!

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More About Wringer

Based on the Newbery Honor-winning book by Jerry Spinelli, Wringer tells the story of Palmer, a 10-year-old boy who’s about to take part in his town’s annual pigeon shoot. When he secretly befriends a pigeon, taking him in as a pet, Palmer finally finds the strength to stand up to peer pressure and speak out against the town’s violent tradition.  Book and Lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik Music by Jacob Yandura Directed by Stephen Brackett Based on the book Wringer by Jerry Spinelli

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Wringer: a new musical coming this April

A Fun Way to Give Your Kids the Theater Bug

A huge thank you to Crain’s 5 Boros for featuring New York City Children’s Theater and our spring production, Wringer, as one of the “7 Ways to Give Your Kids the Theater Bug”! So excited to be a part of such a great list!

New York City Children’s Theater

Now in it’s twentieth year, critically acclaimed NYCCT is all about education through the arts. The company, located in midtown Manhattan, produces original shows with thought-provoking subjects that will have you and your kids talking afterwards.

This season’s lineup: Wringer, based on the popular book by Jerry Spinelli

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Give Your Kids the Theater Bug!

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Young Charles Dickens

NYTimes on the “Earnest” and “Evocative” Young Charles Dickens


A HUGE Thank you to our friends at The New York Times who came to see Young Charles Dickens and gave us a lovely review!

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Young theatergoers, however, don’t have to have read Dickens to enjoy this earnest and often evocative family show.

Charlie Greenberg, the show’s accomplished composer, has written music with somber and stirring undertones for the transition to Charles’s stint as a child laborer, and music-hall-style numbers for lighter moments. One teasing song, “Master Fancy Pants,” directed at Charles, particularly tickled children at a recent performance.

As Sue, Bob Fagin’s streetwise but tenderhearted sister — a figure invented by Ms. Krieger and deftly played by Eryn LeCroy— sings another rousing tune, “The Idle Rich,” she may remind you of Nancy in “Oliver Twist.”

Bryson Bruce is exceptional as the determinedly cheerful Bob, and Ryan Borses brings vulnerability and passion to Charles, who finds his salvation in inventing stories.

While words wouldn’t feed the hungry or clothe the poor, “Young Charles Dickens” shows that they were sustenance, too.

— Laurel Graeber, New York Times on Young Charles Dickens

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Young Charles Dickens

Mommy Poppins on the “Engaging Bio-Musical” Young Charles Dickens

Thank you to Raven Snook of Mommy Poppins! She came to see Young Charles Dickens recently, and gave us this amazing review!

Mommy Poppins Logo

However, even school-age kids unfamiliar with his work will pick up a lot from this gritty, but heartwarming tale.

The songs, by Charlie Greenberg and NYC Children’s Theater founder Barbara Zinn Krieger, are simple and sweet. There’s plenty of welcome humor as the boys make the best of their circumstances, even putting on a show of sorts for passersby as they work.

In addition to celebrating the power of imagination, Young Charles Dickens encourages kids to be socially conscious and treat everyone regardless of class, race or other differences with respect and empathy.

The historically inaccurate but smart colorblind casting drives that message home.

— Raven Snook, Mommy Poppins on Young Charles Dickens

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Young Charles Dickens

Best Holiday Shows for Families!

Our friends at Mommy Nearest placed both of our holiday productions, Young Charles Dickens and Ballerina Swan, on their list of the Best Holiday Shows for Families in New York City! We’re so excited to be included on the list and to be in such great company!

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The holidays are the best time to gather the family and make some memories so check out our inspiring shows below!

Our Holiday Shows

Ballerina Swan

Back by popular demand, Ballerina Swan blends dance, theater and pupperty to tell the story of Sophie, a Central Park swan who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Based on the children’s book by former NYC Ballet prima ballerina Allegra Kent, Ballerina Swan features a five-foot dancing swan puppet that wowed children and adults alike during the show’s 2013 run.

Young Charles Dickens

Just in time for the Holidays! Before he became a famous writer, Charles Dickens was a typical 12-year-old boy with a gift for telling stories. But it wasn’t until he had to spend a year supporting his family, working on Christmas Eve, that he realized just how important his stories could be. Based on the true story of Charles Dickens’s childhood, Young Charles Dickens is the uplifting story of how one of the most famous writers of all time found his calling.

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Barbara Zinn Krieger - Artistic Director

Playbill on Barbara in our “Award-Winning Theatre,” Changing Children’s Lives

“The thing for me that’s so exciting is when I get an email from a parent, saying, ‘Thank you for this. I talked about it with my children all the way home. They asked all sorts of questions,'” Krieger said.

Parents are as engaged in our shows as kids.”

Reflecting on her accomplishments, Krieger has no plans of slowing down, even after accomplishing so much in a time when women have fought to achieve leadership positions.

“I think I had to fight harder to prove that I was genuine, that I really knew what I was talking about,” she said. “If a man comes in a powerful role we take for granted he got there the right way. If a woman does, we say, ‘How did she get there?’ … The old girl network is just beginning.”

— Carey Purcell, Playbill on New York City Children’s Theater

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A Band of Angels (2015)

Mommy Poppins on the “Thought-Provoking” A Band of Angels

A decade after its debut, A Band of Angels remains both captivating and thought-provoking.

The actors’ voices, which projected through the theater, moved everyone in the audience. My son especially loved how they used their bodies as instruments, tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm. They had people tapping right along with them!

I left the theater feeling not only entertained, but well-informed about a piece of history we all could benefit from learning about.

A Band of Angels is truly a riveting and breathtaking production that’s great for children ages 8 and up, and their parents.

Director Colman Domingo and the entire cast share the beautiful story through an amazing production, and I’m happy that we were able to witness it.

— Nataki Hewling, Mommy Poppins on A Band of Angels

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