Ballerina Swan (2013)

NY Times Reviews “Charming” Ballerina Swan

the new york times logoThe dancing throughout “Ballerina Swan” is charming — including, at a recent Saturday matinee, the movements of the young children in attendance. Most ballet audiences suffer through the antics of restless youngsters; here it was encouraged, the elegant performer Elizabeth Washington leading children through amusingly vague approximations of basic ballet steps.

Smartly constructed puppets and children’s ballet foibles can be adult pleasures, too. And if one measure of shows for young audiences is how much adults will suffer, well, “Ballerina Swan” is a mostly painless 50 minutes

— Claudia Rocco, The New York Times on Ballerina Swan

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Ballerina Swan (2013)

Ballerina Swan is ‘a great way to introduce kids to ballet’

Ballerina Swan is a great way to introduce your kids to ballet…

My one-year-old sat mesmerized as soon as Sophie got on the stage.

The adorable swan was silly, endearing and very human-like in her behavior.

Everyone sat and watched quietly and intently. It must have been the beautiful choreography and ballet dancing.

— Maytal Wichman, The Mama Maven on Ballerina Swan

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Ballerina Swan (2013)

Examiner Reviews Ballerina Swan: “a perfect tale for children”

Ballerina Swan is a perfect tale for children who love ballet… and for those who need the reminder that nothing, not even raw talent, will ever take the place of hard work.

It is the story of a swan who consciously decides to become a ballerina, and then does everything in her power to achieve her goal.

The central message is that anyone could be a dancer… if they worked hard enough.

— Alina Adams, on Ballerina Swan

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Wanda's Monster

“The Kids in the Audience were Thrilled!” – NY Metro Parents

The kids in the audience were thrilled—pointing, laughing, and loving it when the Monster notices the kids for the first time and reveals himself to be shy and scared of them.

I’ve discovered…a savvy little musical called Wanda’s Monster.

[Wanda’s Monster has] a rocking score, terrific performances, and a script that refuses to talk down to the audience.

— Griffin Miller, NY Metro Parents on Wanda’s Monster

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Wanda's Monster

Mommy Poppins reviews the “Delightful” Wanda’s Monster

It sends a great message about facing your fears instead of hiding under the blanket, and has super-catchy tunes.

Preschoolers should eat it up.

Wanda’s Monster is a delightful musical based on Eileen Spinelli’s picture book of the same name.

— Raven Snook, Mommy Poppins on Wanda’s Monster

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Wanda's Monster

Wanda’s Monster Teaches Kids and Adults to Accept Others

I personally loved how the musical taught kids—and adults!—to embrace their fears and accept others that may be different.

The show engaged my five-year-old from the moment it started—she was really engrossed by the characters.

I loved how it dealt with issues like fear, shyness and friendship as the monster and Wanda slowly become friends.

— Serena Norr, Time Out NY Kids on Wanda’s Monster

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Wanda's Monster

The New York Times Reviews the ‘Charming’ Wanda’s Monster

This weekend, Laurel Graeber of The New York Times came to see our latest production, Wanda’s Monster – created by our Artistic Director and Founder Barbara Zinn Krieger and Laurie Berkner! In her rave review, Ms. Graeber calls the show a “charming musical”. Read highlights from the review below then check out the entire review on The New York Times.

the new york times logo

This charming musical brings home a point worth considering at any age: embrace what you fear, and you just may find a friend.

Ms. Berkner has filled it with catchy, folk-flavored pop, arranged by the production’s music director, Kristen Lee Rosenfeld.

While the hulking, horned Mr. Ortiz may frighten a few little theatergoers at first, most, like Wanda, will want to hug him at the conclusion.

— Laurel Graeber, The New York Times on Wanda’s Monster

Wanda, a spunky 5 year old with a vivid imagination, is convinced there’s a monster in her closet. Granny agrees, and contrary to Wanda’s expectations, convinces Wanda that “Monster” is in her closet because he is shy and friendless, not because he’s scary. With Granny’s encouragement, Wanda befriends “Monster,” turning a potentially fearful situation into a lesson in acceptance and friendship.

Filled with catchy new songs from children’s music star Laurie Berkner and featuring “Monster Boogie,” one of her all time hits, Wanda’s Monster will delight 4-8 year olds and their parents too!

NOTE: Laurie Berkner will NOT be performing in Wanda’s Monster, but we hope you enjoy her new songs!



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