What audiences are saying about New York City Children’s Theater productions.

Caitlyn is a treasure.

“Caitlyn is a treasure. She inspires and connects with children on zoom in a way that many have not reached my kid in person.”

So fun!

“This class was a mix of everything: music, movement, listening, learning, creativity, peacefulness. Miss Caitlyn was very engaging and my son paid very close attention. I loved that the class asked them to be creative and use their imagination!”


“Caitlyn is a wonderful teacher, engager and educator for tots. She makes them part of a fun learning experience that involves emotions and difficult situations.”

Perfect for my two-year-old!

“The show was excellent and perfect for my two-year-old. The artistry of the puppets was beautiful, the way the show was organized kept the kids’ attention, there were many layers to experience for all ages.”


“Absolutely adorable and creative performance that kept my two year old engaged and laughing the entire time.”

Absolutely Magical!

“It was absolutely magical and took us back to a time when entertainment was simpler!”

It was Magical!

“Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. The kids loved the performance.”

An Absolutely Delightful Introductory Ballet Performance!

“My First Nutcracker is an absolutely delightful introductory ballet performance geared to young children. My 5 year-old granddaughter enjoyed it all.”


“Perfection! A wonderful “primer” for a young theater-goer. Every detail – from small to large – was thoughtful and imagined for “little” eyes.”

My Son was Mesmerized!