What audiences are saying about New York City Children’s Theater productions.

Mocha Mommy on Please Bring Balloons: "Absolutely Delightful"

A perfect introduction to theatre for young toddlers!

A perfect introduction to theatre for young toddlers. The length along with audience participation allowed our daughter to really take in the show and appreciate the content and message. We were shocked how much recall and understanding she had of the show in discussion on our way home!”

Please Bring Balloons Audience Member

Mommy Poppins on Please Bring Balloons: "Full of Magic and Imagination"

Please Bring Balloons is dreamy and wonderful!

“Fantastic experience, particularly for younger kids! My child has been mostly terrified of live performance, but he was engaged the entire time for Please Bring Balloons and wanted to return immediately. It’s dreamy and wonderful!”

Please Bring Balloons Audience Member

Please Bring Balloons

Amazing Play for Little Ones!

“Great actors and production! My son really enjoyed it, and even though he can be shy in new situations he interacted with actors and props during the play. Amazing play for little ones! We loved the sweet and intimate setting, and the fact that the actors fully engaged the audience and gently encouraged the children to take part. We look forward to future productions!”

Please Bring Balloons – NYCCT Audience Member

Amazing one-man show

“The production of Love That Dog is an amazing one-man show that takes the audience through the development of a child’s love for poetry and his opening up about a tragic incident. Derek Christopher Murphy exudes all the sentiments of a child going through this process and his energy is incredible!

Love That Dog Audience Member

Please Bring Balloons

Please Bring Balloons did not disappoint!

Please Bring Balloons was excellent! It was super exciting to take our little one to his first NYC theater experience and it did not disappoint. The interactive parts of the show really added value to the performance, I loved seeing all the children engage and interact. The actors did a great job encouraging their imaginations. Bravo!”

Please Bring Balloons Audience Member

"It helps kids see what is great about poetry!" - Says Me Says Mom

Perfect for Grownups and Children!

“We loved the performance – it was perfect for both grownups and children. The young actor was wonderful and engaging. It had a great mix of emotions: humor, frustration, tenderness. And now we are going to start reading some poetry! Thanks for a great experience.”

Love That Dog Audience Member

Please Bring Balloons

Experience the joy of transportation that only theater can provide.

Adorable! My three year old was captivated! How glorious for my son to experience the joy of transportation that only theater can provide. Very clever to engage each child before the performance to put them at ease plus encouraging some participation during the show. I witnessed magical joy in each child today! Lovely acting as well. Kudos!!

Please Bring Balloons Audience Member



Love That Dog: "Entertaining and Poignant" - Mommy Poppins

Perfect for the age group

“My daughter and niece had a wonderful time.  I think the performance was perfect for the age group. I could see my daughter’s emotions.  She laughed, she smiled, she was sad at times.  I was touched myself. I also had a dog that I love that I lost to cancer, so I was moved by the actor.  My husband and I discussed the show with the girls and the responsibility of owning a pet.  Both girls are at the age where they would love pets to have pets and they need to be aware of the pain associated with the loss of the pet.”

Love That Dog Audience Member

Please Bring Balloons

Thank you for making this magic happen!

“There are so few theatrical experiences for children of this age, and yet the power of the theatre can sometimes transform them the most. Watching my daughter’s eyes light up when she saw the show was transformative for me as well. She was a bit nervous going in, and after she looked at me and said with a smile, “Fun. Wow.” I said the same. I am planning on bringing her back again. Thank you for making this magic happen!”

Please Bring Balloons – NYCCT Audience Member

young charles dickens

“My girls looked up all of his stories”

My girls LOVED  Young Charles Dickens…so much that they got home and looked up all of his stories. ‘Now I understand how he came up with the story of Scrooge. He really was brilliant. He loved stories!’ said my 9 year old. The story was very easy to follow and the cast was so engaging and welcoming. They were great about taking pictures with the kids after the show! Thanks so much!!!”

— Young Charles Dickens Audience Member