Lots of Fun for All!

Jarred Bedgood, Allison Pappas and Rebecca Gerrard in Pillowland

Perfect for Toddlers!

Will Highly Recommend!

Education Programs Two Girls in Class

That Was Fun!

“We all got to add our own move and that was fun. It meant we got to do what we wanted and not what someone told us to do.”

Made for a Really Nice Afternoon

Lovely, lovely show. The structure of the whole thing, with activities outside, reading the story before the performance, and the performance itself made for a really nice afternoon. I was thrilled my 16 month old was so engaged through the show. Thank you!

– NYC Mom on The Little Red Fish

Marvelous, Magical Production Not to be Missed!

Marvelous, magical production that captivated me as much as my almost 9 year old. Very creative staging filled with enchanting transformations that transports you into the story’s dream world. Not to be missed!

– NYC Dad on The Little Red Fish

Whimsical, Funny and Entertaining!

The Little Red Fish was whimsical, funny and entertaining! My daughter really enjoyed it. The music and sound effects were great, a very nice ballet of actors, musician and puppeteers. Last but not least, I also enjoyed the show!

– NYC Mom on The Little Red Fish

A Beautiful Show Kids and Adults Could Enjoy!

This was a beautifully produced show that both little kids and adults could enjoy. The whole theater experience was very well-designed for little kids, with a little arts and crafts and songs beforehand, and a reading of the book ahead of time. All in all, I thought this was a great experience and nice way to introduce kids to the theater.

– NYC Parent on The Little Red Fish

It’s Fun to See How Much Growth Happens

“I always look forward to working with Mr. Max because he gets so much out the kids. It’s fun to see how much growth happens from the beginning when everyone is shy to the end when everyone is having fun and doing their best.”