Literature at Play Workshop

NYCCT Anti-Bullying Programs Creates a Caring Community

“Through role playing, the actors appeal to the students’ empathy and creativity in solving real-life bullying problems. The experience has definitely added to our effort to create a caring community where bullying doesn’t happen

— Teacher at VOICE Charter School, Queens

New York City Children’s Theater is a leader in educational programming that engages students through theater and role-play. Kids have a great time while learning valuable lessons on dealing with difficult situations whether they are being bullied or just witnessing bullying in their school or community.

More about Fair and Square

After losing the school spelling bee to Roberta, McKayla accuses her of cheating. When Robert learns she might lose her award she takes matters into her own hands, placing the two of them in serious trouble. Throughout this interactive drama and workshop, students will explore themes of conflict management, actions and consequences, and peer-pressure.

During the workshop, students function as:

  • Audience members…as they view short scenes performed by the artists
  • Critical thinkers…as they reflect on the scenes and use their own reasoning to draw conclusions
  • Actors…as they implement their ideas through role playing



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