In NYCCT’s show, Pillowland (based on the song by Laurie Berkner), Finn, Quinn and Stanley embark on a journey to learn the secret pillow song that will help Stanley finally get some sleep! But first, they have to get to Pillowland, with a special map they find. You can create the map at home, either on paper or on a pillowcase!

What You’ll Need

  • Plain, white pillowcase
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric Markers

If you don’t have a pillowcase, you can draw the map on paper too, with crayon or markers!

What To Do

1. Place the cardboard inside the pillowcase, to make it easier to draw on!

2. Beginning with the star, trace the Pillowland map onto your pillowcase

3. Color in the star, castle and boat

4. Write Pillowland in the corner

5. Let dry

6. Place on your favorite pillow!

Share your map with us on Instagram @nycchildrenstheater, and we’ll share it in our story!