Praise for NYC Children’s Theater’s Education Programs

New York City Children’s Theater is a leader in arts educational programming bringing music and theater to classrooms in New York City and the tri-state area. Our educational programs demonstrate that engaging students in the arts has a positive impact on their emotional, social and cognitive development and fosters a life-long appreciation for the arts.

Below you can read the impact our programs have had on students, teachers and school administrators.

Thank You For Providing An Enriching Experience

“ Thank your allowing us to provide these enriching experiences/activities to our students especially during this difficult time.”

It Supported My Student’s Learning In Many Ways.

"They learned about teamwork, following directions, activating the imagination, determination in spite of each child's circumstances and the importance of staying active.”

They Absolutely Loved It

"They absolutely loved it, thank you so much!"

Your Staff Was Amazing

"The teachers say great things to say about the program and have noticed a change in their students self-esteem.”

The Students Were Engaged!

"The students were engaged! The video and sensory aspects were aligned with technology and hands on learning"

It’s Been Absolutely Wonderful Having You!

“...thank YOU so much for joining our class these past 2 months! "

Each Student Showed Their Enthusiasm

“The use of video, music and puppets effectively engaged our students. Each student showed their enthusiasm each time Piper was brought out."

We Are Grateful for Your Creativity and Talent

“We are very grateful to be the recipients of your creativity and talent! Every year we look forward to your program.”

It was a Great Performance!

My students were excited to be chosen as volunteers and the sensory objects definitely kept them engaged. It was a great performance!

I Liked Watching Everyone Engage with the Story

“I liked watching everyone read, enjoy themselves, and be engaged with the story! The workshop helped the students to be engaged all together in one thing and also to understand what the book was about.”
Education Programs FIVE Boy with Puppet

Introduced Students to Theater in a Way That was Tailored to Them

"FIVE introduced students to theater in a fun way that was tailored to them and their needs."

Parents Love That We Provide This Workshop

“As a Program Director, I loved the interaction and the student engagement from the Teaching Artist. The students enjoyed it and the parents love that we provide this type of workshop for our after school students. Thank you once again for a well ran Anti Bullying workshop!”
Education Programs Two Girls in Class

That Was Fun!

"We all got to add our own move and that was fun. It meant we got to do what we wanted and not what someone told us to do.”

It’s Fun to See How Much Growth Happens

"I always look forward to working with Mr. Max because he gets so much out the kids. It’s fun to see how much growth happens from the beginning when everyone is shy to the end when everyone is having fun and doing their best."
Education Programs TA and Students

The Children Get More Excited When Reading

“The children love the book, they look forward to ‘theater day’ each week and the activities are age appropriate and very interactive. We notice that now the children get more excited when reading a read aloud book in the classroom.”

I Like the Teamwork

“The children love the book, they look forward to ‘theater day’ each week and the activities are age appropriate and very interactive. We notice that now the children get more excited when reading a read aloud book in the classroom.”
Education Programs Two Girls Leaving Class

It Was A Great Experience For The Kids

"It was a great experience for the kids to not just to be exposed to literature but see how a book could be put into action, into a performance."
Education Programs Two Girls in Class

This Program Helped Our Kids Work Together!

"Being part of this program helped our kids learn to work together, which is something they have had trouble with."
Education Programs Two Girls Acting

The Project Used Their Voice and Ideas

"This is a different approach to storytelling that is fun. The project used their voice and ideas.  That meant a lot to them and got them engaged."
Education Programs Classroom

I’ve Been Doing the Theatre Games with the Students!

"I have been doing the some of the theatre games with the students and have noticed an improvement in reading comprehension when I do this."
Education Programs TA and Students

The Students Appreciated Working Together!

"It was great for them to try something new and expressive. So much of the time they must work on their own. This was new, and they appreciated that."
Education Programs Kids in Theater

Students Became More Confident and Articulate!

"My students became more confident and articulate by participating in the program. It was a pleasure watching the children grow."
Literature at Play Performance

NYCCT TAs Help Children Feel Comfortable Performing!

“Our teacher teaching artist was amazing. The children felt comfortable performing on stage. I hope this partnership continues for years to come."
Love That Dog

We feel truly blessed to have been invited for this performance

I hope you know how truly blessed we feel to have been invited for this performance.
Literature at Play Sharing Day

The Children were Always Excited to see Alec!

"The children were always excited to see Alec and the activities got us dancing and singing. Lots of shy kids really came out of their shells."
Students in a Literature at Play Workshop

The Kids Really Liked Working with Instruments

“The kids really liked working with instruments and were really engaged throughout. The music helped explain the story for the ELL students.”
Literature at Play Workshop

I Love that Students were Engaged through Music Exploration!

“I love this program! My students were engaged through music and sensory exploration. We hope to participate in the program again next year!”
Literature at Play Performance

The Medium of the Play Encourages them to Speak

“It was great for them to think about how characters feel in a kinesthetic way. It's good too, since in the medium of the play encourages them to speak.”
Literature at Play Workshop

The Music and Visuals made my Class Overjoyed

"Every week we look forward to visits from Ms. Mindy. The music, visuals, materials, and songs have made every child in my class overjoyed to participate.”
Literature at Play Workshop

Students love this program. It’s been a great pleasure!

“It's been a great pleasure having this program. It has helped our students develop a wide range of skills & have fun at the same time.”
Literature at Play for Families Workshop

The Students Loved it & Looked Forward to Every Session

“The students loved it. They looked forward to every session. I was very impressed with the way the students came up with the lyrics for the song."
Literature at Play Sharing Day

This Program gave Students a New Way to Respond

“It opened them up socially. Some kids were quiet as a mouse and this stirred up something expressive in them and gave them a new way to respond.”
Literature at Play Workshop

Students Learn how to be Community Members

“The work that they did in theatre translated into reading fluency and you saw it on the stage. They learned how to be community members.”
Literature at Play Workshop

I Loved How it Connected to our Curriculum!

"I loved using the main idea in the chorus, and using text evidence to write the chorus. I loved how it connected to our curriculum."
Literature at Play Workshop

Children Emerged as Leaders After NYCCT Education Program

Several children emerged as leaders. Our English language learner was able to solve problems effectively in her group…
Literature at Play Workshop

NYCCT Teaching Artists Give Students the Tools Needed to be Successful

“The Alice's Story teaching artists are very knowledgeable about the skills and tools students need in order to be successful.”
Alice's Story

Alice’s Story Workshops Empower Our Students

Alice's Story Workshops Empowers Students to Deal with Bullying: "which is a testimony to how a great arts organization can work with schools"
Literature at Play Workshop

NYCCT Anti-Bullying Programs Create a Safe Space

“When students participate in a New York City Children's Theater anti-bullying workshop it creates a space to talk about their own experiences with bullying in a way that is safe for them because they instantly recognize these characters.”
Literature at Play Workshop

Students were Eager to Participate in NYCCT Anti-Bullying Programs

“Thank you again for facilitating an anti-bullying workshop, where the students were eager to participate and knew that their opinions were valued.”
Literature at Play Workshop

Kids Really Connect with NYCCT Education Programs

“The program exceeded our expectations.”
Literature at Play Workshop

Students were Engaged

"I received such positive feedback from both teachers and students in all grades. The students were engaged throughout the entire presentation and truly enjoyed the workshop."
Literature at Play Workshop

Fair and Square Leaves “Everlasting” Impact on Bullying

Even though your show took place about six weeks ago, the effects of it seem to be everlasting. The important topic of bullying is one that really needs to be addressed in more New York City schools.
Literature at Play Workshop

NYCCT Anti-Bullying Programs Creates a Caring Community

“The experience has definitely added to our effort to create a caring community where bullying doesn't happen”
Literature at Play Sharing Day

NYCCT Education Programs Teach Students to Work Together

“I believe that the New York City Children’s Theater program was essential in getting our students to learn how to work together.”
After reading about the impact of our programs, we would love to share our residency program, anti-bullying workshop and multi-sensory musical with you!

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