It’s the last day of August and our last day of creating underwater animal crafts so we’re ending with the biggest animal yet: a whale! Make an egg carton whale with us, inspired by I Heart Crafty Things!

Make an Egg Carton Whale with Us!

Before beginning this project ask your grownup to cut out a piece of an egg carton and cut a little hole on the top of the egg carton for you!

What You’ll Need

  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Your Piece of Egg Carton with a hole on top
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • A Marker
  • Safety Scissors
  • Double Edge Tape

This project requires cutting. If you do not have safety scissors, make sure a grownup is helping you cut! 

What To Do

  1. Draw your whale’s tail and two sideways teardrops for your whale’s flippers.
  2. Cut out your tail and flippers
    If you do not have safety scissors, make sure a grownup helps you!
  3. Tape your tail and flippers onto the piece of egg carton.
  4. Draw eyes and a mouth for your whale on the front of the egg carton piece with your marker.
  5. Cut your pipe cleaners in half to create six pieces of pipe cleaners.
    If you do not have safety scissors, make sure a grownup helps you!
  6. Curl the tops of the pipe cleaners!
  7. Place the pipe cleaners in the hole at the top of your whale!

And now you have your Whale!

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Three Fun Facts About Whales

  1. Whales are mammals. Since whales are not fish they do not have gills, so they cannot breathe underwater. They must come up to the surface of the water to get air. The air is breathed in and out through their “blowhole,” which is on their back.
  2. Whales live in large groups called “pods.” A baby whale is called a “calf.”
  3. All whales are very noisy. They squeak, moan, groan, and sigh to talk to each other. These underwater sounds can travel great distances. The sounds they make are called “Whale Song.” Whale are the loudest animals in the world.

Learn more whale fun facts!

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