Elaine Cotter

Elaine Cotter – Mrs. Dickens, Sue, et. al.

Where are you from? Crystal Lake, IL. Northwest suburb of Chicago.

Families should see Young Charles Dickens because… it is a family friendly, exciting and empowering story about a young boy learning who he is and how to accomplish his dreams. I think everyone can be reminded of that wonderful lesson!

If I wrote a story it would be about… animals thinking like humans. I’ve always wanted to know what my puppy was thinking.

My favorite children’s book is… Ellie’s Doorstep by Alison Catley. My mom would read it to me every night as a child, especially when I was sick to make me feel better.

Elaine is very excited to be making her NYC debut! She is a proud graduate of the  Indiana University musical theatre program. Many thanks to the incredible creative team and cast. Also a special thanks to my endlessly supportive friends and family. Enjoy the show! elainecotter.com