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The Emperor of the South says “Nothing can be learned from books” – what are some things you’ve learned from books?

I’ve learned that stories can change lives and that if it is something that can be I’m imagined, it is something that can be achieved.

Ayla Bellamy

When I was young books taught me about loving and taking care of the people around me.  They taught me that even if I feel small right now, I am growing and learning and capable of doing anything!  They taught me to work hard and to always dream. I still read books! I still read both fairytales and books that teach me about science and history.  You will never stop growing and learning, even when you’re a grown up!

Tali Custer

The Emperor is flat out wrong; books are literally where you learn things! I’ve learned how to cook beef bourguignon, how to fold origami elephants, how Fred Astaire was embarrassed of his large hands, how to read French poetry—and much, much more, from many different books.

Emmanuel Elpenord

I’ve learned so much! Through reading about all different kinds of characters, I’ve learned empathy. I’ve learned about faraway places, and I’ve learned how it feels to experience the particular magic when something that someone else wrote is so familiar and true to you, that it’s like they looked into your brain. And I’ve also learned how to write for myself!

Laura Hankin

Ah! So much!

I learned about far off places, and fascinating people (real or fictional). I learned how people behave in extreme situations and it made me consider how I would react in those situations. Books also teach me about how humans are all connected with the power of their imagination, and joy of using it.

Nadav Wiesel

What Are Some Things You’ve Learned from Books?

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Does the Emperor of the South learn anything from books?

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