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What’s your advice for kids on how to overcome an embarrassing situation?

You have to laugh at yourself. If you take everything in life to seriously and personally you never get to enjoy how beautiful and funny life’s mistakes can be.

Ayla Bellamy

Everyone gets embarrassed, but when you’re embarrassed it feels like you’re all alone and everyone is looking at only YOU!  It’s okay to be feel embarrassed, to feel uncomfortable, hurt, sad or scared. It sure isn’t fun, though. When you feel that way, remember there are people who love you very much, and will be there for you.  Talk to your parents or a teacher! When I feel embarrassed, I always feel better when I talk about how I feel with someone I love. They remind me that I will be okay, and that soon the feeling will pass and I won’t feel bad anymore.  You are not alone!

Tali Custer

Embrace the embarrassment! If you’re already in an embarrassing position, like tripping going up the stairs or your family using a dreaded nickname in front of friends, then own up to it and turn tripping over yourself into a new dance craze, or turn Manou into the coolest nickname in your neighborhood.

Emmanuel Elpenord

Turn it into a funny story! When I was younger I fell off a treadmill twice in one day, and thought I’d never get past the shame. But then I told some friends about it, in great detail, and they laughed at the story, not at me. I realized how fun it was to share the story of it, and now it’s one of my favorite anecdotes.

Laura Hankin

It’s not embarrassing if you acknowledge you made a silly mistake. Just say “hey, that was silly”, and move on with your day. If you try to ignore the embarrassment, it only gets worse!

Nadav Wiesel

How Would You Handle an Embarrassing Situation?

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