We asked the cast of The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories:  

Have you ever wanted to give up on something? What made you keep going?

My dream of being an actor. But, my mother continued to encourage me as well as my friends and I pushed forward to prove them right.

Ayla Bellamy

It’s really difficult being an artist in New York!  Sometimes you’re busy, you feel successful and excited about the work you’re doing.  Other times it’s difficult to get a job. You have very little money, the work you’re doing doesn’t make you feel excited, and everything feels heavy.  Last year I felt that way, but I have some amazing friends and teachers who always remind me how special and loved I am, and that if I keep working hard and believe in myself, eventually it will get easier again.  And it was true! Life isn’t always easy, but it’s important to remember this difficult moment will pass, and there are many people in your life who will be there for you to help you through it.

Tali Custer

The first game I ever played on Playstation 1 was a great action role-playing game called Brave Fencer Musashi. I was obsessed with the demo version and had played it over and over. My skills were already sharpened for the full version, but one day I reached a puzzle near a waterfall that I just couldn’t figure out. Days went by as I scoured the same area for any clue. I gave up. I sold the game and moved on with my life. Years later, I saw the game on sale at my local game shop. I remembered all the good times, the great fights and chase scenes, the epic music…then I remembered I never finished it! So I bought it and played through again from the very start, enjoying the action along the way, but when I reached the part that had me stumped, the solution was suddenly clear as day. It took a few years of playing other games and getting better as a player, but I returned to BFM because I loved the characters in that game and had to know how the story ended.

Emmanuel Elpenord

I absolutely have! What keeps me going is telling myself that I can learn from the challenge, and use what I’ve learned to do better next time

Laura Hankin

Of course I have. I write musicals, and it’s always tricky writing a piece that is long and complicated. There’s so many problems along the way, and so many “good valid reasons” to not do it. Giving up always seems like a much easier option that struggling for something important. I love that metaphor of the Ice. because giving up is never because of lack of passion, but because of being burdened or frozen by something outside of you, like ice. It’s very difficult to see past the present hardship, and keep your eye on what you’re passionate about. But I think, if you are able to remember throughout the challenge, that the result is something you are passionate about, you have a chance to stick to it to completion.

Nadav Wiesel

Have You Ever Kept Going Instead of Giving Up?

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