We asked the cast of The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories:  

Which of the stories in the show is your favorite and why?

My favorite is The Ugly Duckling because it reminds us that it’s all about how we see things. Just because you may feel low there is definitely beauty in you, you just have to find it.

Ayla Bellamy

I LOVE The Ugly Duckling.  We are all different, and being different isn’t a bad thing.  I love this story because it reminds us that just because someone is different from you, it is this uniqueness that provides different talents or points of view.  You can’t always see at first sight what someone has to offer.

Tali Custer

My favorite story in this show is The Nightingale because that story touches on the virtue of gratitude and appreciation. Appreciation for what you have, but also appreciating people and things for more than how they look or seem.

Emmanuel Elpenord

The Emperor’s New Clothes because it’s hilarious, but I also think it has really relatable and important things to say about fitting in, and worrying what others think of you.

Laura Hankin

It’s very hard to choose. All the stories are so magical and teach an important message. But If I had to choose one it’s The Emperor and the Nightingale. It reminds me that we can buy a lot of simple pleasures with money, that will clutter our home and make us happy for a day or two. But the deep beauty and the pleasure that is deep and lasting can’t be bought or kept. It is out there in the forest, in the shared communal space, for anyone who would go out of their comfort zone to pursue it there.

Nadav Wiesel

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