Find out what inspired some of the members of The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories creative team!

“I inherited a 1904 book of Andersen’s Fairy Tales from my mother, it was one of my favorite book of stories when I was a kid.  Some of the stories are very funny, and many are magical. I read them over and over, and imagined I was one of the characters in the stories I loved. The link between the four I chose to dramatize, is a girl who magically finds herself a character in each of them. Being a writer can sometimes fulfill a long ago dream!” – Barbara Zinn Krieger, Writer

“This show is about transformation and the experience of losing yourself in a good story.  The main character begins the play having forgotten how magical, mysterious, funny, scary, and uplifting a great story can be. She travels through three of Andersen’s famous fairy tales – The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Nightingale, and the Ugly Duckling – and comes back home with a new awareness that if you look around you, the possibility for stories is everywhere.
Hans Christian Andersen wrote thousands of tales, many of which we know off by heart to this day. My hope is that this show, like a good story, is enjoyed by everyone who comes to see it, regardless of age. As a reviewer once said of Andersen’s book, Wonderful Stories for Children, this play is “full of life and fancy; a book for grandfathers no less than grandchildren.” – Adrienne Kapstein, Director

“My inspiration for the puppets in The Emperor’s New Clothes… came from the paper cutouts that Hans Christian Andersen made himself.  While he is appropriately well-known for his storytelling, he was known to cut silhouettes from a piece of paper while telling a story, which has a wonderful, theatrical, magical quality to it. We’ve taken that idea and run with it, scaling it up into the set, and drawing inspiration from pop-up books, and old picture books.  Andersen’s stories come alive in your mind when you read them, and they will leap from the page when we tell his stories onstage.” – Eric Wright, Puppet Designer

“Like the Mockingbird, the real-life Nightingale is a full fledged, tweeting songster and virtuoso. He/she has a fast-changing collection of tunes that no composer should attempt to replicate. But, in Han Christian Andersen story, the Nightingale also has a mission to not only entertain, but console. Using Barbara Krieger’s simple, yet compelling lyrics, I tried to capture the bird’s tuneful fluidity – and sense of magical purpose.” – Charlie Greenberg, Composer

“My goal as sound designer for ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is, first and foremost, to support the work of our composer, Charlie. I will be recording his original music with live musicians and helping to craft how each piece of music will fit into the play. Since so much of the music is fun and uptempo, I also think that sound can play an important role in providing a contrast to the music. We can use sound that feels dark and spooky, sound that feels serious, or sound that helps establish where we are–a forest or a castle for instance.” – Mark Van Hare, Sound Designer

“Leslie and I were inspired by old-fashioned illustrations of fairy tales and artwork from around the world. We also were inspired by the books themselves – by beautiful painted book covers, by the texture of pages, and even vintage, decorative bookmarks. We hope the audience feels like they’ve fallen into the pages of a fairy tale.” – Leslie Bernstein and Kate Mincer, Costume Designers

Thank you to all of the members of our creative team for bringing The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories to life on stage:

Adapted for the Stage by Barbara Zinn Krieger
Devised and Directed by Adrienne Kapstein
Original Music by Charlie Greenberg
Production Stage Manager Holly M. Wright
Set Designer Peiyi Wong
Costume Co-Designer Leslie Bernstein*
Costume Co-Designer Kate Mincer
Lighting Designer Barbara Samuels*
Sound Designer Mark Van Hare
Puppet Designer Eric Wright
Props Designer Katherine White
Casting Director Michael Cassara, CSA

*Member, United Scenic Artists

Photos courtesy of Carol Rosegg

See their inspiration come to life on stage!

The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories is playing at Theatre Row through December 22nd!