Love That Dog: "Entertaining and Poignant" - Mommy Poppins

Love That Dog: “Entertaining and Poignant” – Mommy Poppins

Thank you to Mommy Poppins for coming to see Love That Dog and for their awesome review!

“The show stars the charismatic and talented Derek Christopher Murphy, who carries the show single-handedly. While he does talk to other characters offstage, including his teacher and an author, Murphy is front and center the entire time. Although Murphy is clearly a young man, he manages to convincingly portray a 10-year-old boy experiencing a range of emotions. He has also mastered the physical comedy that makes parts of the story lighthearted and relatable. Some of his exasperated expressions had my daughter howling with laughter”

“New York City Children’s Theater’s latest production for school-age kids, Love That Dog, is a one-actor play that manages to be both entertaining and poignant.”

“The most clever thing is the subtle way young viewers are introduced to poetry along with Jack. At first, he claims boys don’t write poetry, but as he—and the viewers—hear works by renowned poets, Jack slowly becomes captivated by the rhythms and the stories.”

— Fiona Taylor, Mommy Poppins on Love That Dog

Featuring the poetry of Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, and Walter Dean Myers, Love That Dog is a contemporary story about discovering the power of your own voice.  Based on the book by award-winning author Sharon Creech.


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