Bring Forest of Feelings Home

Best for Ages: 2–5
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Bring Forest of Feelings Home! In this pre-recorded version of our hit live show, children will be entertained, taught new emotional vocabulary, relaxation strategies, and fun new moves to try at home! Developed by Yo Re Mi, NYCCT brings you a brand new virtual show that incorporates story-telling, yoga and music!

About Forest of Feelings

The Forest of Feelings is a magical place filled with a vast landscape of emotions. When two friends discover a lost laugh, with the audience’s help, they must take a physical and musical journey through the forest to return it to its faraway home.

Created by Yo Re Mi, Forest of Feelings is an interactive show live on Zoom that teaches your youngest theatergoers about emotions, music, and yoga.

Stream Forest of Feelings through May!

Missed the live show? Want to see Forest of Feelings again? Purchase a $15 streaming pass and you’ll receive access to the show through May!

Show Credits

Created by Yo Re Mi
Directed by Dan Costello
Performed by Dan Costello and Rachel Costello
Animations by Preston Spurlock

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