Explore Cars with Us! 

Staying inside can be fun when you play, sing, dance, and read! Join us on an adventure and learn all about cars with some of your favorite children’s books, songs and fun activity ideas for you and your little ones!

Here are the books and activities you can use to explore cars with your little one(s)! 

Sheep in a Jeep

Read Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw.

After reading, sing “I Have a Car” and then stand up and drive all around the room! Make sure to put on our seat belt, put our hands on the steering wheel, and then hit the breaks to STOP!

Little Blue Truck

Next, read Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle.

While reading, make the sounds the little blue truck makes in the book and then, as he meets his animal friends along the way, make the animal sounds too!

Then sing Big Blue Truck with your little one. Make sure to dance when they sing “Go, Go, Go” and then hit the breaks when they sing “Stop, Stop, Stop”!

My Car

And then go on one last adventure in a car with My Car by Byron Barton.

While you read the book, use a chair and pretend it’s your car – can you fill your tank up with gas like Sam does? Can you change the oil? When you’re done, draw a picture of your car – what color is it? Is it a little car or a big truck?

Then play Driving In My Car and using your pretend car, go fast and slow when the car does! After the car part, pretend that you’re in the other transportation they mention like a boat, airplane, and bike!

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