Explore the Forest with Us! 

Staying inside can be fun when you play, sing, dance, and read! Join us on another adventure through the forest with some of your favorite children’s books, songs and fun activity ideas for you and your little ones!

Here are the books and activities you can use to explore the forest with your little one(s)! 

The Busy Tree

Start off by reading The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward

While reading, search for acorns, plant the seeds and watch trees grow into brand new busy trees!

Then, use shakers (which you can make at home – or improvise with household items like a plastic bowl and spoon) to shake, shake, shake the leaves off the tree.

A Leaf Can Be…

Next, grab some scarves, or any cloth, and read A Leaf Can Be… by Laura Purdie Salas

While reading the book, imagine that your scarves had turned into leaves and explore all the things that leaves can do!

Then, sing “5 Little Leaves” and watch your scarves, or little leaves, fall to the ground.

Leaf Man

Go on one last fun leaf adventure with Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. While reading, help your leaf man travel throughout the book. On each page turn, have your little one help blow the leaves to the next page. Also, your leaf “man” can be change to reflect your little one! Leaf man can be leaf girl, leaf boy, leaf person, or anything that you choose!

Sing The Leaves on the Trees – this is a simple song to learn and engages your little one with hand movements!

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