Explore Thunderstorms with Us! 

Staying inside can be fun when you play, sing, dance, craft, and read! Join us as we explore thunderstorms through children’s books, theater games, songs, and fun activity ideas for you and your little ones!

Read BOOM! Big, Big Thunder & One Small Dog by Mary Lyn Ray

Then listen to a song about Thunderstorms on YouTube and sing along!

Play a Theater Game! 

Making the sound of a thunderstorm.

Start off with snapping of fingers (sounds like rain drops).

Then you rub both hands together (sounds like rain starting to pick up).

Then patting your lap with your hands (sounds like heavy rain drops).

Then jumping up and down while patting your lap with your hands (sounds like thunder as heavy rain is falling).

Once it’s a good and loud sounding thunderstorm, you can start to work your way back from the the thunder jumps to the rain drop snaps to silence. It’s really fun in a small group and with your eyes closed to really hear the storm!

Thank you to NYCCT Teaching Artist Sindy Castro for her suggestion!

Get Creative Together! 

Make a Snack! 

After all that exploring, you deserve a snack! This treat, found on Kids&Chic.com, are perfect for you and your little one!

All you need is bread, blueberries, and pineapple.

  1. Cut pineapple into triangles
  2. Cut bread into a cloud shape
  3. Place bread on a plate
  4. Position triangles of pineapple and create angles to look like lightning
  5. Place blueberries around and in between the pineapple


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