In an interview with Embrace Race child psychologist, Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith, said: 

“What I encourage all people to do, all grown folks responsible for taking care of kids, is to first begin with the assumption that we do have to talk about what’s going on. That not talking isn’t an option. In part because kids are smarter than we give them credit for. They’re seeing and noticing the world around them even if they’re not watching the news and they’re seeing and they’re understanding our distress or they’re going to make sense of it. So I start first with the premise of you have to talk about it.” 

There are a lot of big things happening in our world and talking about them with our little ones is not easy! But they are conversations that have to happen. This video offers a place to start: 

1. Acknowledge that something is happening

2. Ask your little one what they have noticed and how this makes them feel

3. Identify both of your feelings about this and name them creatively 

4. These feelings are likely heavy. Figure out what can make you feel better/ regulate these feelings. (ex.physical engagement and breath)

5. Celebrate you and your little one’s power to…

– Celebrate your identity/ empower your community 

– Practice empathy 

– Make change 

– Listen to those voices fighting to be heard

After the Video:

– Read books that feature characters of all backgrounds and celebratory BIPOC narratives 

– Actively participate in challenging your own biases and those in your community by seeking education and listening to BIPOC voices. 

– Explore the resources on this page for book suggestions and tools for talking to your little ones about big things 

A Kids Book About Racism | Read Aloud

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