Thank you to Waverly (9) and Alexa (7) of Kids’ News NYC for coming to see Interstellar Cinderella and giving it this awesome review!

I can tell you that THIS Cinderella is a super cool modern girl who is DEFINITELY worth getting to know – no matter if you’re a boy or a girl, young or “not so young.”  So fasten your (rocket) seatbelts and get ready for a very adventurous fairy tale!

Right from the first song I loved this show and knew it was going to be really fun, interesting and a brand new way to watch one of my favorite fairy tales.

This show has everything – a great story, a great lesson, excellent acting, singing and dancing…you really need to go see it…You will definitely love it because Interstellar Cinderella is out of this world!

The songs and the play are fantastic. Broadway quality – without the Broadway price tag.  Thanks, as always, to New York City Children’s Theater, Deborah Underwood, Laurie Berkner and all the actors for a great show that’s both kid AND adult friendly – one that teaches us all that we can make our own magic, and that not all fairy tales have to end with marrying the prince!

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Interstellar Cinderella

Playing through December 17th