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The Greatest Adventure I Have Ever Gone On

Read our next guest post of the season, courtesy of Stella, age 13!

The greatest adventure I’ve ever gone on was when my mom and I went to Italy together for three weeks! It was all very sudden, but we had a blast. We spent the bulk of our trip on Lake Como, traveling to different towns on the lake every day. It was a really cool experience, and I learned a lot too. My favorite day there was when we went to a town called Torno, which is very small and incredibly old-world Italian.

Once we got there, my mom and I explored the town, walking around its many side streets and alleyways. One of the most exciting moments was finding a tiny path that supposedly went all the way up the entire mountain. It was very steep and looked hundreds of years old. We actually tried to climb it, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to hike to the very top. At least we tried!

Another wonderful day was when we visited the town of Pigra, which is located on the very top of a mountain overlooking all of Lake Como. It’s so high up that we had to take a funicular to get there, and although it was a little nerve-wracking going up so high, it was totally worth it. We ate lunch, and then checked out the town, which, believe me, did not take very long. It’s really tiny, with one restaurant, one church, one café, and that’s basically it. But we still had fun exploring the scenery and views.

Our last day on Lake Como was just spending time relaxing at the beach. One of the most interesting things we did all trip was that evening. My mom had the brave idea of taking a local bus up to an incredibly small village called Rovenna, which was, yet again, on the very top of the mountain. It was fun spending time in town, but the hard part came when we realized there was no bus back! So, we wound up walking all the way back to our apartment on the next mountain, about 10 miles, but really it wasn’t too bad.

So overall, Lake Como is a very beautiful place, and we had an amazing adventure.

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