Thank you to Scherrie Donaldson of Space Nation Orbit for coming to see Interstellar Cinderella and giving it this awesome review!

New twists on the old tale include space travel, a robotic mouse-bot, hi-tech fashion, and even a fairy god-robot. With children’s music legend Laurie Berkner supplying the music and lyrics, this show was filled with fun from beginning to end.

Interstellar Cinderella is truly the tale of an independent heroine who is still light years beyond her time. Her story is presented in this fun, easy-to-follow musical that both children and parents are able to appreciate and enjoy.

The futuristic setting creates a whole fairy-tale with its own space-age complications that the characters creatively navigate to get to a stellar ending for most involved.

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Interstellar Cinderella

Playing through December 17th