Dear Albert Einstein

Mommy Poppins reviews ‘inventive and creative’ Dear Albert Einstein

[Dear Albert Einstein] encourages kids, especially girls, to get into math and science without being heavy-handed about it

…it’s a wonderfully inventive and creative show about being yourself

This isn’t your average children’s show–my daughter and I laughed out loud many times

—Raven Snook, Mommy Poppins on Dear Albert Einstein

More About Dear Albert Einstein

Set in 1954, Dear Albert Einstein tells the story of Susan, a 12-year-old star math student who, when starting junior high, struggles between the desire to be herself and the pressure to be like all of the other girls in her class. Her admiration for Einstein, who periodically pops up in her imagination, complicates and eventually helps her along her journey. Combines early rock-n-roll, swing, and classical music.

Book, Music and Lyrics by Sara Wordsworth and Russ Kaplan. Directed by Josh Penzell.

Featuring Sarah Lasko, Michael Lorz, Evan Teich, Lindsay Bayer and Angela Travino,

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