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Each week we’re going to share a book as well as an activity to do based on the book!

This week we’re reading Jabari Jumps written and illustrated by Gaia Cornwall

Have You Ever Been Scared?

Being scared is an emotion that a lot of kids – and adults – feel sometimes! Maybe, like Jabari, you were scared to jump off a diving board. Or maybe you were scared of trying something new. Or you were scared of bugs. Or maybe you were even scared during a thunderstorm!

Being is scared is okay. You can help yourself feel less scared by taking five deep breaths in and out. You should also talk to a grownup or friend that you trust about how you’re feeling.

Have You Ever Felt Brave?

Sometimes we’re scared of something, but we still really want to do it. Like Jabari! After talking to his dad, he’s finds the courage to jump off the diving board, into the pool, and he loves it!

Have you ever been scared of something, but then did it anyway and learned that you loved it?

Let’s write a story about it…

Creative Clubhouse Challenge

Download our activity book and write a story about a time you were scared then brave!

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