Laura Hankin

Laura loves working with NYCCT! She’s performed in Wanda’s MonsterThe Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess, and Five. Non-NYCCT credits include Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest (Playhouse on Park) and Noah Baumbach’s film While We’re Young. She’s also the author of The Summertime Girls, a novel published by Penguin Random House, and the upcoming novel Happy and You Know It. The feminist comedy videos she makes with her sketch duo Feminarchy have been featured in The New York Times and on Funny or Die.

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from!

I’m from Washington DC (so I didn’t grow up in a state!). It was a great place to be a kid, full of amazing museums, monuments, and children’s theater!

If I became a character in my favorite fairy tale I wouldbring a lot of friends with me when I had to go into the woods. More protection from big bad wolves that way.

My favorite children’s book is Ella Enchanted, because it’s such a great reinvention of a classic fairy tale. And the heroine is funny, spunky, and admirable in so many ways!

Three things most people would be surprised to learn about me are: 

1. Growing up, I never had a dog or a cat, but I did have pet frogs.

2. I’ve written multiple books.

3. I am a very bad driver

The Emperor’s New Clothes and More Magical Stories is about the power of stories, it’s got a bunch of amazingly talented people working on it, and it’s very, very funny.