Dancer Mark Cruz

Mark Cruz | Ensemble

This is Mark. Mark was a small boy with a big imagination. He liked to make and do and be lots of different things. Mark had dreams of course. They were just very, very hard to see. Still, he knew they were there. Mark has been a boy who lived in the movies. He has been a boy raised by music. He has had adventures in dance. And he has played the octopus in the world of New York Theater. Mark’s dreams take him anywhere he wants to go. And they always bring him home again. Maybe he’s a bit like Sadie.

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from!

It’s called the Village of Port Chester, in the suburbs of New York City. There is a mix of people from different backgrounds. Lots of churches, lots of small restaurants.

Sadie and her fox go on dance adventures underwater, in the jungle and more! I wish I could dance in Wembley Stadium in London, England. Or up on a fluffy, bouncy cloud.

If I received wings like Sadie, I would fly to the tropical rainforest. There are so many colors and so many different types of life. Plus, I love rain. It would be great to fly to the rainforest while it still exists. Hopefully we can save it.

Fox’s favorite breakfast is pancakes – mine is a blueberry açaí protein bowl. It’s unlike anything I ever had growing up, it tastes like an exotic dessert, and it’s healthy to boot.

My favorite children’s book is I Love You Forever. It’s about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son, and I read it at a very sad time, when that relationship became more important than ever.

Three things most people would be surprised to learn about me are: 

1. I might seem serious, but it’s so easy to make me laugh

2. I don’t like chocolate

3. I’ve always loved scary stories

This is Sadie inspires us—or reminds us—to use our imaginations. To maintain a sense of wonder. The belief that anything is possible comes from the child within all of us. Furthermore, the story gives encouragement for young girls to feel unconfined in their world, outside of conventions or expectations. Not to mention, the audience will see some serious dancing. No easy kid stuff here.