New York City Children’s Theater’s Middle School Playwriting Competition is designed to give blossoming young playwrights a platform to find their voice while exploring issues that affect their lives. This year’s five winning plays will be performed as stage readings on Monday at Theatre Row.

Below read a little more about the plays written by our six talented young playwrights:

The Cost of Technology is inspired by the Midas myth. Billie has just lost her father and her mother is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she’s happy – including sacrificing everything to get the iPhone Billie feels she needs in order to be accepted by her peers. It’s not long before they both realize this was a terrible idea.

Paulina C. and Tahlly P., 7th Grade Students tells the story of a soon-to-be father obsesses over a parenting blog. Meanwhile, his wife starts to panic about having a child and hints that she might be considering other options. Did we mention that all this occurs on a Ferris wheel?

Bernard C., 8th Grade Student

The Use of Technology tells the story of Nicole, who is surrounded by technology! Her parents, her best friend Ashley and their nemesis Jessica are always on their phones. But when Jessica starts rumors about Ashley online, Nicole steps in to try and stop them before they get in trouble.

Shakima F., 8th Grade Student

In Battletron NX3, Harrison receives a copy of a banned video game and tries to play it on the wrong game system with his friend, Jake. Both transport into the video game and argue with each other as they fight zombies. But they’ll need to work together to get out of the game and return to the real world.

Rowan M., 8th Grade Student

In Speaking, a nine-year old boy, George, learns how to communicate through technology because of his autism. His mother, however, keeps this from everyone, even his sister. But she has a dark reason behind keeping her son’s talent a secret.

Iris S., 8th Grade Student


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