Literature at Play Workshop

The Music and Visuals made my Class Overjoyed

“Every week we look forward to visits from Mrs. Mindy. The music, visuals, materials, and songs have made every child in my class overjoyed to participate. I really appreciated how we were able to collaborate and make the program even more accessible for our students with varying needs.”

— NYC Public Teacher from Brooklyn

More about Literature at Play

Over the course of 4 or more weekly sessions, teaching artists lead PreK-5th grade classes through acting, playwriting and songwriting workshops, resulting in each class’ adaptation of a children’s book. Residencies that run 6 sessions or more culminate in a Sharing Day in which students present their original plays or musicals for a partnering class.

  • Residencies can occur during the school day or as an afterschool program.
  • Must book a minimum of two workshops.

Academic Goals Include:

  • To reinforce students’ language and literacy skills through theatre and songwriting
  • To expand students’ writing abilities with an emphasis on strengthening literary elements, dialogue, expressive or descriptive language
  • To foster comfort and competence with speaking and listening for our large population of English language learners
  • To increase reading comprehension skills, such as sequencing, making predictions and text-to-self

Artistic Goals Include:

To write a play with a clear beginning, middle and end

  • To understand the elements of a well-written play (i.e. inciting incident, conflict, resolution, action, high stakes, low stakes)
  • To understand characters’ motivations and express dialogue with appropriate emotion
  • To speak/sing in front of a group, demonstrated through greater risk-taking, projection and articulation

Literature at Play residencies support the NYS Common Core ELA Standards and meet the NYC DOE Theatre Blueprint Benchmarks.

Literature At Play is available to schools and community centers in New York City and the tri-state area.

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