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NYCCT's Middle School Playwriting Competition

Iris's Middle School Playwriting Experience

Last year, we asked young playwrights in NY, NJ and CT to write 10 minute plays based on the theme: How do we use technology to connect with others? Today, Iris, who's play Speaking was featured at our reading tells us about her Middle School Playwriting Competition Experience! 

Back to School Advice from NYCCT's Education Team!

Celebrate the start of a new school year with Back to School Advice from members of New York City Children's Theater's incredible Education Team!

Behind the Scenes of Boogie Woogie Books with Alisha

Education Apprentice and Boogie Woogie Books co-teacher Alisha tells us what went on behind the scenes at our new Saturday morning classes for children and their grown-ups this year!

The Little Red Fish Talkback

Why does Jeje dab? How did the little red fish light up? Find out the answers to these questions and more today...

Kiah's Reflection: Sensory Friendly Performances

This year, New York City Children's Theater provided Sensory Friendly Performances of our shows! Today, Education Apprentice Kiah reflects on her time working on the performances...

Behind the Scenes of Schooltime Performances

We took our friends on Instagram inside the school shows of Interstellar Cinderella and The Little Red Fish. Check out the videos to experience the magic!

Acting in the Middle School Playwriting Competition

Six incredible young actors lent us their talents for our Middle School Playwriting Reading. Today Jimi tells us what it was like to be part of the reading.

Behind the Scenes of Interstellar Cinderella

Find out what happened when the cast of Interstellar Cinderella took over our Instagram Story and gave you a behind the scenes look at the show!

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What the Press is Saying

"A treat for the entire family."

Brown Girl Gumbo says The Little Red Fish is "a treat for the entire family!" Read more...

"Imagination Runs Wild!" in The Little Red Fish

"Imagination Runs Wild!" in The Little Red Fish - see what else Mommy Poppins has to say!

​"Wonder, whimsy and pure love"

"Filled with wonder, whimsy and pure love!" We See Shows loved The Little Red Fish - see what else they had to say!
Please Bring Balloons

Please Bring Balloons is a Fantastic Winter Show!

A huge thank you to Mommy Poppins for including us on their list of the 22 Best Winter Shows for NYC Kids! Check out what they had to say.

Blast Off with a New Take on a Classic Story

Little Kid Big City says: The future of a good story is safe, with positivity and learning as well as an upgrade to surroundings.

This Story is an Intergalactic, Futuristic Take on the Traditional Fairytale

Space Nation Orbit says: Her story is presented in this fun, easy-to-follow musical that both children and parents are able to appreciate and enjoy.

There's A Lot to Love About This Cinderella

New York Theatre Review says: There's a lot to love about this Cinderella. She's smart, crafty, a problem solver, and more interested in scientific inquiry than getting married young.

A Brand New Way to Watch One of my Favorite Fairy Tales

Kids' News NYC says: Right from the first song I knew it was going to be a brand new way to watch one of my favorite fairy tales.

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What Our Audiences are Saying

Made for a Really Nice Afternoon

Lovely, lovely show. The structure of the whole thing, with activities…

Marvelous, Magical Production Not to be Missed!

"Marvelous, Magical Production Not to be Missed!" - See what else this NYC Dad has to say about our latest production, The Little Red Fish!

Whimsical, Funny and Entertaining!

This NYC Mom says The Little Red Fish was "whimsical, funny and entertaining!" Read her full review of our 2018 production!

A Beautiful Show Kids and Adults Could Enjoy!

This was a beautifully produced show that both little kids and…

"Beautiful and Magical"

The Little Red Fish was "Beautiful and Magical! My Granddaughter Loved it!" See what else this NYC Grandma had to say about The Little Red Fish.

My Daughter was Mesmerized and Inspired!

"My daughter was mesmerized and inspired!" - See what else this NYC Mom had to say about her experience at Interstellar Cinderella!

Interstellar Cinderella was Out of this World! 

"Intersellar Cinderella was out of this world!" - See why this NYC Mom thought Interstellar Cinderella was out of this world!

A Charming Production Our Entire Family Enjoyed!

This NYC Mom says Interstellar Cinderella was "a Charming Production Our Entire Family Enjoyed!" See what else she had to say about the show!

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