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Sara Morgulis' ARC Experience

NYCCT Associate Education Director, Sara Morgulis, reflects on her experience visiting one of our teaching artists at an After School Reading Club Program.

What is ARC?

NYCCT is proud to be a partner in the DOE's pilot program of the After School Reading Club (ARC). But what is ARC?

What is Literature at Play?

New York City Children's Theater is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our Literature at Play workshops in homeless shelters. But what is Literature at Play and how does it benefit children across New York City?
Love That Dog is an Off Broadway Alliance Nominee

Love That Dog is nominated for Best Family Show!

Love That Dog has been nominated for the 2017 Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show!
Brandon Schraml

Brandon Schraml

Brandon Schraml hails from the city with the second most fountains in the world, has performed in 48 of the 50 states and would visit Mars if he could! Learn more about our Polar Bear from Please Bring Balloons!

Meet Claire Simba

Claire Simba writes and directs her own plays, wants to travel to Greece to see where Theatre was born and has lived across three continents! Learn more about Claire, our Emma in Please Bring Balloons!
Derek Christopher Murphy of Love That Dog

Derek Christopher Murphy

Love That Dog's Derek Christopher Murphy was a state champion pole vaulter, says Count Olaf is one of the best villains of all time and has his own dog named Prince! Learn more about the man bringing Jack to life in Love That Dog!

What's Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

The holidays are here! There's nothing better than spending time…

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What the Press is Saying

Mommy Poppins on Please Bring Balloons: "Full of Magic and Imagination"

"It's a sweet, magical adventure filled with animals, balloons, music, and twinkling lights–and easily my 4-year-old's favorite show in the last year." - Mommy Poppins

"It helps kids see what is great about poetry!" - Says Me Says Mom

"The great thing about the show is that it takes the children in the audience on the same journey as the boy in the book. It helps them to see what is great about poetry and inspires them to write poems of their own." - Says Me Says Mom

Love That Dog: "Entertaining and Poignant" - Mommy Poppins

"New York City Children's Theater's latest production for school-age kids is a one-actor play that manages to be both entertaining and poignant." - Mommy Poppins

"We think you'll Love That Play!" - KidsNewsNYC

"We think you’ll “love that play” and also you will learn that even if you think you don’t, you really do have a lot to say!" - KidsNewsNYC

Mocha Mommy on Please Bring Balloons: "Absolutely Delightful"

"Please Bring Balloons was absolutely delightful and I found myself getting lost in the magic of seeing this story come to life through my daughters eyes." - Mocha Mommy
Please Bring Balloons

Please Bring Balloons is on Mommy Poppin's February GoList!

Please Bring Balloons is on Mommy Poppin's February GoList!
New York City Children's Theater's 20th Anniversary Season

Two of the Best Winter Shows!

Mommy Poppins is calling Love That Dog and Please Bring Balloons two of the Best Winter Shows for NYC Kids!

"My Daughter was Riveted!"

"As soon as the dancers took to the stage, my daughter was riveted...It was just enough to whet my kid’s appetite for ballet." - Rose Gordon Sala, Mommy Poppins

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What Our Audiences are Saying

Amazing Play for Little Ones!

We look forward to future productions!

Amazing one-man show

Love That Dog is an amazing one-man show that takes the audience through the development of a child's love for poetry .

We feel truly blessed to have been invited for this performance

I hope you know how truly blessed we feel to have been invited for this performance.

Please Bring Balloons did not disappoint!

"I loved seeing all the children engage and interact"

Perfect for Grownups and Children!

Love That Dog - more like Love That Play!

Experience the joy of transportation that only theater can provide.

Experience the joy of transportation that only theater can provide.

Perfect for the age group

Perfect for the age group

Thank you for making this magic happen!

Thank you for making this magic happen!

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