Did you know today is World Puppetry Day? That’s right – every March 21st we celebrate puppets and the incredible artists who bring them to life! NYCCT loves having puppets in our theater pieces – take a look back at some of our favorite puppets!

Have you ever befriended a pigeon? Palmer did! James Ortiz created our pigeon puppet Nipper, who was puppeteered by several actors during our 2016 show Wringer, including Dan Rosales and Storm Lever (pictured).

Sophie the Swan got a makeover courtesy of Erik Sanko, Kat Mincer and Nina Paradiz just in time for her debut in a production of The Nutcracker for our 2016 holiday show Ballerina Swan and the Nutcracker!

Interstellar Cinderella’s right hand mousebot, Mergatroyd delighted audiences during our 2017 production! Mergatroyd was created by Katie White and puppeteered by Sam McLellan.

Our first puppet piece, The Little Red Fish, was created by Puppet Kitchen, using a variety of puppetry styles. Audiences were delighted by Jeje and his glowing fish when the show premiered in 2018.

The newest member of our puppet family is the playful Nightingale from our 2018 production The Emperor’s New Clothes…! Puppeteered by Laura Hankin and created by Eric Wright of Puppet Kitchen.

While visiting in Pillowland in our 2018-19 show of the same name, Stanley meets the King of Pillowland! Our king puppet was created by Kathleen Doyle and is puppeteered by our Queen, Allison Pappas.

Come see the King of Pillowland in person!

Laurie Berkner’s Pillowland is playing at The Flea Theater through April 14th!