Thank you Mommy Poppins for such an out of this world review of Interstellar Cinderella!

I took my kids to the opening matinee of family musical Interstellar Cinderella, from the creators of Wanda’s Monster and The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess, and the results were out of this world.

This delightful, high-energy production has enough glowing spaceships, out-of-this-world costumes, and catchy musical numbers from the queen of kid rock, Laurie Berkner, to keep even a boisterous 4-year-old glued to his seat and wide-eyed for 50 minutes.

Created by dynamic creative duo Barbara Zinn Krieger and Laurie Berkner, Interstellar Cinderella lives up to NYC Children’s Theater’s standard of outstanding productions for the whole family.

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Interstellar Cinderella

Playing through December 17th