We asked the cast of This is Sadie:  

Sadie’s best friend is her stuffed animal Fox. Tell us about your childhood best friend.

My childhood best friend’s name is Mike. He used to really make me laugh, like tears laugh. He was an awesome artist and used to make comic books based on our school. We were always creative and adventurous.

Rob Coglitore

Dancer Mark Cruz

My first friend ever, and still my friend today. Her name is Christina and we met in the first grade. One day, I asked her to be my best friend, and she said, “Ok.” The rest is history. Always loving, always loyal, always herself. Also I had a stuffed bunny, named Bunny. He was great.

Mark Cruz

My childhood best friend was my stuffed monkey named Door Door. I did everything with him from tea parties to the playground.

Declan McDonough

My best friend Angela and I went on so many adventures together. All through elementary school would we make up dances, dress up, creating many memories that still are with me today. Hi Angela – miss you!

Taylor McMahon

Tell Us About Your Best Friend

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