We asked the cast of This is Sadie:  

Sadie flies all around when she receives her wings. We asked our cast: If you had wings, where would you fly?

I would fly to the North Star, to see what the view is like from there.

Rob Coglitore

Dancer Mark Cruz

The tropical rainforest. There are so many colors and so many different types of life. Plus, I love rain. It would be great to fly to the rainforest while it still exists. Hopefully we can save it.

Mark Cruz

If I had wings, I would fly home [to Cincinnati, OH] so I could visit my family.

Declan McDonough

I would fly to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I think seeing such great structures built by so many generations of people would be amazing. To fly over them and see them from above would be very special.

Taylor McMahon

Somewhere tropical… either Bali or Hawaii; all I think of is the water, sand, and trees I could be surrounded by. And don’t forget, the coconuts I can drink from!

Arianne Meneses

Bonus Question!

We asked Taylor and Mark to tell us about a time they used their imagination to solve a problem!

In 2016, I visited El Paso, TX to help some families in need. One night, I was at one of the family’s homes and was playing outside with their kids. They did not have many toys to play with, so we used our imaginations just like Sadie. We pretended to fly and explore. It was so fun using our imaginations!

Taylor McMahon

Dancer Mark Cruz

My uncle didn’t want to watch the movie Titanic—which I considered to be a big problem at age 10. So I reversed the doorknob in my room, so that I could lock him inside with the movie playing. Needless to say, he liked the movie. Problem solved.

Mark Cruz

If You Had Wings, Where Would You Fly?

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