We asked the cast of This is Sadie:  

Sadie leaves Fox behind when she grows wings and flies. What advice do you have for kids who feel left out?

My advice is I’ve felt that way before too, but I’ve learned that it’s better to be an individual and have your own way of thinking then to follow the crowd.

Rob Coglitore

Dancer Mark Cruz

Don’t hide your feelings. Share them with someone you feel comfortable with. And say everything. And if that person tries to give you advice before you’re finished, say you’re not finished, and keep going. We often feel left out because we feel misunderstood. The person you feel comfortable talking to, wants to understand you. So make sure she or he does. Simply expressing yourself is already a step towards a solution.

Mark Cruz

My advice to any kid that feels left out is to find someone else who seems left out and be their friend.

Declan McDonough

Feeling left out is something that happens to all of us, at some point in our lives. Because of this, I encourage kids to recognize when they see someone else who is feeling left out. Maybe on the playground, at a birthday party or play date, be aware of those around you! It is a difficult feeling to feel left out because we all want to connect and have fun. If we all make the extra effort to include other, we won’t have as many people feeling left out.

So, if you are feeling left out don’t be afraid to tell a friend or adult. They will be able to talk with you about your feelings and can help make a plan so you can feel better. Talking about how you are feeling with someone else is the first step in finding ways to have fun!!!

Taylor McMahon

Exactly what my mom told me when I was bullied, “everything is temporary, this shall pass”.  And truthfully it’s the best advice; I remind myself every time.

Arianne Meneses

What Advice Do You Have for Kids Who Feel Left Out?

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